February 24, 2005

He's Crawling!

Well, long time no update. I think I'm going to start adding back-entries for all the pictures we've taken in the past 9 months. I have a lot - I just need to find something that will automatically make an image gallery for me and will work with MovableType.

Enough technical stuff - Will is growing up so fast! He's no longer a baby - definitely a little boy. He started crawling about two weeks ago and has gone from laboriously pulling himself along the carpet to wiggling all over the place. He likes to walk too. Granted he's holding onto our index fingers but he's doubled his speed over the past week.

Melissa was up this weekend and took some amazing photos which she will post. Here's a cute preview of "Winter Will". However, Melissa is letting me post some of the videos we took which mostly consisted of Will being cute. We have a big one of him crawling but we need to shrink it first.

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