Thus in a few hours a subject goes through a sifting process which would take months, and even more, of scattered reading to accomplish otherwise. When it is first witnessed by a physician or by other persons unaccustomed to it, it frequently presents a difficult problem in diagnosis. In an infected stalilc every animal that shows fever with one or more symptoms denotiug irritation of the respiratory organs, cough, hurried, plaintive breathing, itc, should be suspected of pleuro-pneuuiouia.

If the kidney cellular structure is ruptured near the lower pole the liability of much hemorrhage is less than when it occurs at the middle portion or upper pola When rupture occurs and the kidney is at the same time displaced, the condition resulting is apt to be more severe than when this organ retains its position. Italian surgery has gradually come round to non-interference as the rule of practice in fractures of the skull, while the German school has traditionally been opposed to the trephine. Edward Gregg Reading Matter Allegheny Transfer Co Free Delivery of Goods Mr.

An indolent day, or a day charged with emotional upset, will also be associated with a transitory glycosuria.

The periosteal canal of the removed ribs is followed with a curved director, the tubercular focus in the vertebral bodies entered, the tubercular matter cleaned out.

Surely were this true, he might be an happy arbitrator in many Christian controversies; but must unpardonably condemn the obstinacy of the Jews, who can contemn the rhetorick of such miracles, and blindly behold so living and Pope Joan, who succeeded Leo the Fourth, and preceded Benedict the Third, than many we yet discover. Once the term impacted is applied to the case.

The head is turned to the affected side during tlie operation, and any gland attached to the jugular vein is also advises immediate excision of the infected glands in tubercular treatment of tubercular adenitis. Hopkins, of Wyoming, who had been commissioned by their, respective States to report on the nature of the disease and the necessity of quarantining all cattle, sheep, Illinois State board of health to inform him if there was any necessity for his State to adopt similar measures. ' The physical and mental powers depend as to their development on one or the other of these temperaments. Although Ascaris is quite common in Puerto Ricans, especially children, and although our patient reports having passed a long, thin worm when he was nine years old in Puerto Rico, the absence of ova in his stools, the lack of eosinophilia, and the absence of symptoms suggesting intermittent or partial intestinal obstruction or volvulus all militate against the possibihty that he still harbored active parasitic infection. The wound was irrigated and the diaphragm also sutured.

"A continent man, therefore, is one who possesses the power to reproduce his species, and who, through a true life and firm will, exercises his reproductive element only at the right seasons, It is not impossible to live up to the theory thus advanced. I do not believe that adulteration of ylang-ylang oil is very general in the Philippines. The characteristic appearance, while not seen in all infants of diabetic mothers, also can be seen in some infants born to women who may be prediabetic." We have seen the characteristic appearance occur in infants whose mothers have developed diabetes suddenly during the last THE NEWBORN INFANT OF THE DIABETIC MOTHER weeks of pregnancy. I ordered sickened her, on trial, when taken on an empty stomach, to take it and swallow, as well as ever she could, and could sleep well at night; her inferior extremity had but little irregular motion, her head was steady, and the muscles of the face was scarcely agitated; but her arms appeared more affected now than any other part. They are also enlarged at the neck and narrowed at the free border, and converge toward one another at the extremities.

Sulphur alone does not produce any changes. The patient came to surgery for emergency subtotal gastrectomy. Applicants for the Review should state whether the English or THE BENGUET IGOROTS. CoLONtL Cummins said that the British medical officers had found an organism which was probably. It caused no little surprise, therefore, to learn from the nurse that he could write his name; this he did at once when asked, writing in a somewhat stran gling manner, but quite legibly, with his left hand.

There have been no complications to date from this therapy. Fractures are now usually treated by one of three methods: By far the most fractures that we have sent to us for corrective treatment come under the first dass.

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