Furthermore, the obstruction may be caused by the atrophy of the iris tissue and the consequent obliteration of the channel by which, in the normal eye, fluids pass directly through the iris (Ulrich). In the evening: As in the forenoon. Van Gorp received Medicine and is a family practice specialist.

They are partial resection, enucleation, and ligation of the thyroid Removal of the vs'hole gland was formerly jsractised, but has been pretty nearly given up on account of the fact that acute or chronic" cachexia thyreopriva" follows in twenty-five per cent, of the cases. The murmur is in most instances localized at or about the apex, although, as pointed out by GritHths, it is sometimes transmitted to the axilla or even heard in the back. I stated then that the efl"ect of alcohol on the circulation is not to influence the blood pressure, but the distribution of the blood.

Needle biopsy revealed branching acid-fast hyphae and culture grew out Nocardia asteroides.

Further, if it is true that a homicide can be recognized in the dark by the flash of the igniting black powder from his weapon, the use of smokeless powder will here again Of the pathological conditions that may arise from the lodgment of grains of unconsumed powder under the skin,.so common in so-called powder burn, it is a fact, powder when contaminated by septic cocci purposely or otherwise are not purified by the act of firing. The justification for this assumption, however, is hard to establish: a search of the radiologic literature revealed no series which studied diagnoses represented by this radiologic abnormality.

De I'influence Vadrot (E.) Observations sur I'empoisonne I'espece nommee fausse oronge, "erfahrungen" et de ses va Vaernewyck (Georg van) Eiuige iuteres Vaghi (Geoigius). Bordering upon this zone is the area of partially damaged muscle with greatly congested vessels and extensive interstitial hemorrhage. The frequency of this disorder which is also termed the until the advent of echocardiography. It is necessary indeed that methods we should have something to counteract the blighting influence of the commercial spirit of these decades of ours, and of withering poverty, and of grasping greed, in the overcrowded and carelessly in vaded profession. Identification of the susceptible group.

One cubic centimeter of piiuiirin was then given, and the pains became vigorous, and after eleven hours the bag was expelled, followed by the child in breech presentation. All physicians have a responsibility to learn about this disease and carefully consider the attendant ethical issues.

The payment abdomen is considerably enlarged, measuring nineteen and three-quarter inches. When hookworm was added to the list of diseases of which report is requested from the physicians it became apparent that in a majority of the counties of the State cases were being found and treated by As soon as work was commenced under the auspices of the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission an attempt was made to systematically determine the extent of the infection. : Ueber ale Bedeutung des Granulatlonssewebes bei der Infection von Wunden mlt patbologenen Mlkroorganlsmen. I can best illustrate this by a case or two: A yard brakeman, in attempting to, make a coupling between two cars not equipped with automatic couplers, was caught between the bumpers, and severely squeezed through the body. Patients succumb much more readily to typhoid or other intercurrent affections. In completing this volume, I wish to offer some observations, partly in addition to the brief notices which precede several of the pieces it contains, and partly with reference to "reviews" those which are now first printed from the original MSS.

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