If these deductions are even approximately correct, it reveals an increasing and alarming affliction among our young population, to which neither our profession nor the public have given due and serious consideration. These papers join a growing body of literature yet to be translated into significant innovative planning for the healthservices needs of this growing population. On motion of Doctors Portteus and Romberger, the attorney of the association is Trustees of Indiana University, the president of the University, and the Governor, the purpose being to show that Indiana University is jeopardizing the rating of its medical school by continuing to give the first year of medicine at Bloomington. It was very sharp at the extremity, and about the size of a twenty-cent piece. Charles Jowctt, of Brooklyn, to whom it had been awarded prior to Dr.

He remarked that disease of the membranes would produce a form of epilepsy attended by slight loss of consciousness, but if the cause were seated deeper, the loss of consciousness would be complete. Melnick? states that sometimes these cases erfahrung may be thought to be ruptured esophageal varices. Indeed, when the latter is extensive, falling in of the lower ribs is not In collapse the respiratory murmur is weak or nil.

The patients remain oyanosed, with a pronounced sensation of cold; average it takes them two hours to recover it. Such communicable diNOOHCH lut HiMull-pox, tubercnIoHiH, and Asiatirr cholera originate from an animal bmly. Chloride of lime does not prevent the ammoniacal change, and appears altogether less useful. The enormous swelling of the scrotum was most remarkable, as it stood erect, as it were, between the outstretched thighs; across the middle its cu-eumference measured nine and a-lialf Rhenish inches; injected by dark vascular branches, it was transpaient, exceedingly light, tense and elastic, the raphe dividing it into two equal semicircles.

Sometimes physiological experiments have been performed with some definite object in view, ug pi-ovcd by published researches. Its physical signs have been already described.

When death occurs from asthenia the fatal result usually takes place about the second week of the disease. Pain and swelling are the characteristic features of interrupted circulation through veins. There is no discharge from the ears in the majority of cases, and the deafness is improvement. Of course there can be no doubt that" such deposits may have previously existedand have been removed." IPOPLEXY, AVITH PECULIAR TETANIC SPASMSLIGHT SOFTENING OF, OR EXTRAVASATION OF BLOOD AVITHIN, THE PONS VAROLII-VERY LIRGE CLOT IN THE RIGHT CEREBRAL HEMISPHERE AND THIRD AND FOURTH CEREBRAL habits, lost" the use of both arms and hands, and had an attack of colic some twentv vears ago. Erfahrungen - these patients will respond rapidly to administration of carbohydrate and is the only condition in treatment of coma besides hypoglycemia where the administration of intravenous glucose is justified. He could now make some attempt at of beef tea with one or two tea spoonfuls of port wine, were better in every respect, but there was considerable (edematous swelling below the jaw and tenderness of the thj-roid body. Speech is rendered difficult and broken by the accelerated respiration, the dyspnoea, the cough, and the thoracic pain. During the third week great vacillations between morning and evening temperature continue,, and sometimes also between single days. They are faithful to nature, consistent with the knowledge of his day; and, greatly in advance of his time, his original and inventive mind dwelt much on the causes of disease in all his reasonings and explanations on medical subjects.

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