It short, the quarantine was of no avail, because it was not extended to all ships from whatsoever port. In anaemia, if any change can be detected in the left ventricle it partakes rather of the nature of dilatation than of hj'pertrophy, and the pulse is full and soft. The gravimetric and Kjeldahl nitrogen methods are out of the question for the busy practitioner, as they demand time and special laboratory facilities. For example, bleeding, antimony, mercury, and blisters, may be demanded in one case; quinine, opium, and wine in the next; a third may require but little interference, except a well-regulated diet with moderate stimulants; and so on, ad infinitum. The pain is more constant, and is generally immediately intensified by food. The cauda pancreatis as a whole lies ventral to the left kidney and adrenal body and dorsal to the stomach and Lying in the plica duodeno-jejunalis between the caput and cauda is a narrow strip of glandular tissue, the review shape of the cat, having been found in every adult animal examined. At the end of the tube the impulse is exerted in distending the wall and is returned in such a way that the wave starts back again. Tlie first number, wliich is now before us, contains coloured illustrations of tlie corrosive effects of sulphuric acid on the cesophagus, stomach, and duodenum; of destruction and cicatricial thickening of the oesophagus and stomach three months after sulphuric acid had been swallowed; of idiopathic varices of the cesophagus; of accessory thyroid at the base of the tongue; of leprosy of the pharynx and larynx; and of melanosis of the villi of the duodenum. They probably all represent different grades of the same affection, and are all accompanied The lymph-glands, corresponding to the region injected, are frequently enlarged. Had led a very sedentary life. Let as much of the nail as conveniently can be cut away, with a sharp and stronor pair of scissors. Jules Guerin, editor of the"French Medical Gazette," who is, perhaps, the first authority in France on all points connected with deformities of the muscular orosseous system, has recently addressed the following letter to the Academy of Sciences, on a new mode of treating lateral deviations of the spinal I have the honour of acquainting the Academy with the results of a new operation which I have performed in twelve instances, with success, on patients affected with lateral deviation of the spine. Sary nor expedient to delay delivery; of the other four cases tlu'ee required delivery from sudden exliaustion and debility setting in, and the fourth had been seventy-two hours in labour of her tenth child; the following are the particulars of her case. This view, however, according to Rennie, has now been abandoned. Thus, in the case of bronchitis, the portion of the capillary system which is the seat of inflammation l)elongs to the general capillary system properly so called, and receives its Idood from the aortic or red-blood system; but in the case of pneumonia, the capillaries of the lesser circulation, deriving their supply from the black blood of the pulmonary artery, are in question. To sustain these opinions more direct proofs can be advanced. It deals with treatment solely: there is no materia medica. The male is four to six inches long; the female six to eight inches. This communication is accompanied by a plate, showing the place of the incision in the abdominal walls.

More than thirty species are found in the United States.

The electric cautery is necessary and renders valuable assistance. For reasons, however, of a very prosaic order, whicli Jeanne subsequently explained to me, she did not think it worth while to appear at the thinly attended clinic of the holiday season, the time of my visit.

The right side is dilated, and the patient feels a sense of weight in that situation. He will be long and widely missed as a public man, and an organiser of tact and judgment; and he will be remembered with regret by a large circle of patients who found in him a genial and kindly adviser, combining professional skill with a deep insight into human nature gleaned in many departments of life. Genuine cow's milk of good quality yields higher percentages of fat than that mentioned above, namely s per cent., which is adopted as the lowest limit by the Society of Public Analysts, we are acquainted with no book, either expensive or inexpensive, which gives" simple tests" for the purity of milk and butter. No important vessel will be endangered if we keep close to the tendon, and the restoration of the extremity will often follow immediately, except in cases of white swelling, or where the inflammation has been very acute.

We learn he dispensed the" sovereigne remedy" Rubila legit of John Winthrop, Jr., but we doubt whether he knew its composition as its worthy for half an ounce of this medicine. Specialization in scientific work should not be decried; it is demanded by the necessities of the case and has been the great instrument of progress, but the further division of labor is carried, the more necessary does it become to emphasize essential unity of purpose and to secure coordination and cordial cooperation of allied sciences. In my experience, this backache is most usually met with in cases, in which there has been acute pelvic peritonitis which has passed into the chronic stage, or in cases, in which there has been a deep laceration of the cersax involving the vaginal vault or the base of the broad ligament. He doubted whether uric acid covered the whole field of gout, and believed that if uric acid were altogether eliminated a pathological entity would still remain Dr. We are still left without an explanation of any respiratory sound more marked than that of puerile respiration.

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