He was followed by Professor Beer, who held the situation a great number of years; his name has become well known throughout Europe, in consequence of his having published several works. The structure and uses of the integuments were next considered.

Frequently the neuropathic condition does not assume a definite clinical from, the patient merely presenting a tendency to a neurasthenic breakdown, to general nervousness, or hypochondria. Now for mine own parr, the beft Cure that ever I found for this them together'till they be very thick like a Salve; then when you have wafti'd the Canker clean, either with Allom- Water or with Vinegar, anoint it with this Salve, and in twice or thrice dreffing, the Canker v.'ill be killed, and after it will heal fpeedily. The blood which is sucked out, is mere transpiration seems to be all that it performs, the matter fixmg on the surface of the body, and afterwards coming off in small threads.

The elevated and diseased surface was not ulcerated, yet it seemed abraded.

The night passed much more comfortably than any previous one, since the commencement of the disease. Opinions differ widely as to the evils and the remedies; but few are found to commend the existing state of things.

The object in giving this remedy is to paralyze the system, and thus to overcome the effect of the canine poison; as soon as possible the attendance of some medical gentleman should be procured, to guard and keep in check the effects of the remedy, which is at all times easy to be kept Once, at a certain watering place, To feast on beauty, love and grace, To eat and drink, and dance and dash, And freely spend their time and cash; To gain new health, or drown old care, No matter which, or when, or where, Amongst the rest, with powers creative, (Of course the man was not a native,) A strange, inventive wight appears, Who vanishes at once the fears Of every sick, by advertising, All ails to cure u By Vaporising."" By means of a machin'ry patent; And which, for sending vapors forth, The crowds attend, the vapor mill Provides a balm for every ill; Old Gruff can walk, no longer gouty, Thanks to the steam of u Lignum Vita?." Miss Wild is tamed, Ben Dismal brighten'd, In fine, the miracles that he did, Were great as ever Anna Lee did.

Copious hemorrhage followed for two hours.

That children cannot bear much evacuation of blood, is an opinion generally taken for granted, and the treatment of their diseases regulated accordingly. We could profit a good deal in having these reports made from time to time; also description of the The following case is cited as an example of a transient, rather severe lesion of the nervous system with obscure etiological factors at play. "ntis sound Lt ntnOy hi-ord in tbc bt'gioning of thp contact.

Had been postponed in consequence of tlie death of Dr. A little girl in that island suffered from disease reviews of the external ear which was found on examination to contain a swarm of parasites apparently the larvae of some fly.

If (he inflammation be acute or subacute, it will be denoted by the state of the pulse, by the heat of the surface being higher than natural, by a furred tongue, by the urine being scanty and high coloured, and sometimes upon the application of heat, or of the nitric acid, the water yields a deposition of albumen, but not always; and generally there is pain in the part, which is the seat of the inflammation. Er wird gefunden in dem elziuelim genannten Ort, in Indien http und im Orient; die beste Sorte kommt aus dem Orient, aus Chorassan. Experimentally in animals and after trauma in man, the removal of the spleen in no way affects the good health or the longevity of the individual. Guy, Frederick George, Plumstead, Kent, of // King's College. Al this I have concealed hitherto (notwithstanding the iust still doe the same) both from your officers and sailors lest it should lessen Mn!.tr command over your sailors. There is no doubt that aspcrmatozie can be definitively cause d by venereal excesses; I am far from denying the fact: revies. The splints, whatever bone may be affected, should be applied as in simple fracture, care being taken, however, not to press on the wound if possible, and this may be avoided by dividing the pad that lies over the wound, into two parts, leaving a space for the wound, which should be untouched; the pad should be very thick. There are many circumstances in my career which I think review might be told to the advantage of the rising generation, and, Mr.

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