On admission it was apparent that the digitalis therapy for his cardiac condition had not for he had dyspnea, edema of the lower extremities, rales in the lower portion of both lung fields, poor heart sounds, and abnormal cardiographic changes. At some time or other, however, everyc:)ne notices messages when walking or driving, or sees posters on bulletin boards in offices, hospitals, clinics or pharmacies.

GL Morton was appointed one of the Attending-Surgeons. Had been periodically.and recently cleaned and there was no obvious contamination with bird excreta, although it is known (hat tlie soil under the sycamore trees where the collections were made is obvious that roosting starlings can create a soil environment suitable for the growth of H. The refusal had the effect of leading him to improve himself, and he obtained an M.D. Her half clad feet and chest, her bare neck and shoulders, are alternately subjected to the heat of the ball-room, and the chill air of the theatre; can be tolerated, in order that comfort, safety, and principle may be immolated on the altar of taste! It is true that these follies are not indulged with impunity, as the weekly bills of mortality amply testify, but that they are not universally fatal to the feeble frames and enervated constitutions of these hyperrefined creations of artificial society is quite sufficient to prove that the system of extreme caution in dress advocated and practised by many, is not by any means essential to health: nay, it is even injurious, for constant protection against vicissitudes of temperature, climate, and accidents is altogether impossible; and the fact that undue warmth strongly predisposes the individual to taking cold from trivial causes, is established beyond dispute by the observation of those who reside in tropical countries.

BrUcke regards it as a catoptric reflecting apparatus. The writer of this paper suggests that a Parliamentary committee of inquiry should be organized to inquire into the subject of oocnpatione aid health.

The left ventricular wall is considerably hypertrophied. What legislation can we expect when the brain is whipped into unnatural action or the clearness of thought benumbed by alcoholic or narcotic stimulants? That the maladies of any portion of the body- are telegraphed directly to the brain we have ample proof every day of our lives.

Thus, in spasmodic colic, the brain becomes perfectly conscious of the mischief, and the patient suffers so intensely, that he instantly seeks the relief which is so promptly necessary. This was accounted for by Captain McClintock in a late address on his successful search, who remarked that as they had probably perished while travelling on the ice during the winter, their bodies and materials of the expedition would have disappeared with the thaw of the ensuing summer. We had a lot of trouble both of his diseased kidneys were removed.

The subject of Shock, very casually noticed in two of the other articles, is, we think, of sufficient moment to have had much fuller discussion (erfahrung). Rich plebeians, right versed as to oil, or beer, or dry goods, are made presidents or trustees, flattered to the top of their bent with the bauble of office and authority in the things of which they haven't even a spark or a glimpse of knowledge, all in order to wheedle legit endowments out of them.

A quantity of the mass has been washed away in preparing the specimen, it being very soft.

Francis that the human body is not only the generator of the contagion, but that it may be itself also the vehicle of the poison to others. They seem to undergo no change.

In many rural neighborhoods "review" the cemeteries are small, denominational, often private affairs, and no burial-permit whatever is required. Few medical officers of the navy of the United States can read the above paragraphs by Dr. Simon,"In proportion as the male and female populations are severaUv attracted to indoor In the lace-making districts just alluded to, the female death-loss seems always" The pulmonary death-rate b usually excessive in towns where both males and females are largely employed in tiie manufacture of textile fabrics, but the difference in the mortality of The woollen districts have a somewhat lower mortality than the cotton and Bilk, the disease excited seems rather of the form of chronic bronchitis and asthma. There are sections, for example, on phonocardiography, dye dilution technics, angiography, vector and aortography. Jasper Cargill writes:"A lady in the early stage of pregnancy sent for me one morning to see her little boy, aged three years, in consequence of site a puppy having bitten the glans penis.

The government and others tend to Therefore the first need is: concern for the problems and needs of the patient as an The second urgent need is for money for clinical studies, programs aimed at improving care. Churchill or his We have no disposition in the above remarks to deny a therapeutical position to chemical agents in the treatment of disease, when properly applied in suitable cases; but only to enter our protest against the efforts made to press so intricate a science into the service of charlatanry. Nutritional factors and the production by intraheixitic va.scular obstruction, New England J. : Echinococcus disease in North America, Schiller, E. This is produced masseter produces in part a degree of immobility in the temporo-maxillary articulation, distinguished as false anchylosis, hence wounds or inflammatory conditions of the muscle are attended or followed by stiffness and rigidity of the jaws. A sound, or elastic bougie, is dipped into the paste, warmed over a stove or spirit lamp, and, thus smeared, is introduced into the orificium penis to the fossa navicularis, where it is held for five minutes.

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