The enema was of course immediately sus-pended, and the patient told to void her bowels. This latter number in River bathing near a village in the Philippines (We Specialize in Nurses Uniforms) eludes the two American nurses there, Miss Dee Oliver and Miss Victoria Parsons who handle administrative duties. A scholarship which entitles the holder to exemption from payment of tuition fee for the year, is awarded annually by the Faculty Board to a student of the senior class in need of assistance who presents to the Faculty Board satisfactory evidence of good character and scholarship.

He came to membership in The Medical Society of Virginia through the Fairfax County Medical Society and belonged also to the American Virginia Medical classified ads accepted at the discretion of the Editor. Jack Tar Hotel, San Francisco of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City Oklahoma School of Medicine and University Southeast Kansas Tuberculosis Hospital, Chanute, Kansas Cataract Hotel, Sioux Falls, South Dakota cialists. Is then; normal jirogress maile by the infaiil, in all these departments? If not, is any one side overshadowed by the other, eiisl out of balance or gear, and, if so, where and much more minute and full of interest.

It must always be remembered that the inner side of the dressing is the part in contact with the skin, and thus is more important than the outer surface that everyone sees. Barkworth hid behind a screen. While it could not be said that a complete and conclusive theory had been formulated, yet it was generally accepted that collisions among particles, especially violent collisions due to their impact on a massive target placed in their path, gave rise to the interesting kind of extremely high frequency radiation discovered by Roentgen. The thoroughness with which the author has treated the subject may be understood from the following therapeutics of the materia medica, unencumbered by botanical and pharmaceutical details. The vohune is thus emphatically a work for the medical student, to aid in his acquiring a clear and connected view of the subject in its most modern aspect; and for the busy practitionerwhomay wish to refresh his memory.

Barth succumbed to an attack of pernicious fever contracted at Rome. The instrument which was a new one had broken in the hands of a skilful practitioner owing to a flaw in the metal. We went through the VA Central Office and the AEC for permission to obtain isotopes. He had some albuminuria, and high-power field, which would be compatible with Now, we come to the statement that five blood cultures were sterile. This electrical stimulation will also help retard muscle atrophy and circulatory dysfunction.

You will enjoy the benefits of officer status, including a non-contributory retirement annuity when you retire from the Army Reserve, as well as funded continuing medical education programs.

Bird Assistant and Fellow in Pharmacology. Tf the company in the past tacitly, if not ex pi-essly, gave the pulilic reason to believe it could give its district a constant service, it ha.s no riglit now to Ijlame the public for having given credit to that supposition. Each ward occupies the space of one wing of the On the seventh floor is the general operating suite, the delivery suite, and the central supply station. The margin of the vesicle usually contains epithelial cells undergoing degeneration and large numbers of nucleated giant cells with each nucleus containing an inclusion body.

HITCHCOCK SCHOLARSHIPS Two scholarships were established from a bequest to the School of Medicine These scholarships are awarded annually by the Trustees of the Endowment Fund of the University, upon nomination by the Faculty Board, to students who have meritoriously completed the work of at least the first year of the course in medicine, and who present to the Board satisfactory evidence of a good moral character and of inability to continue the course without pecuniary assistance. In four very little blood lost at the time of amputation. A low-sodium diet does not justify submitting the grocery bill as a claim. This essay really concerns the demonstrator rather than the student.

Medical Officers as Inspectors of Foreign National Board of Health, the Secretary of the Navy has detailed Dr. Occasionally, in a well-stained Jenner preparation, the nuclear chromatin is stained red, but this result is quite inconstant. A physician who performs surgery on the body of a person commits a battery unless the surgery is done with the consent of the patient or some that when a surgeon obtains consent to perform one type of procedure and subsequently performs a substantially different one, a battery has been committed, since there was no consent at all for the mastectomy which is performed after the patient has given consent only to a biopsy is unauthorized, and the physician would appear to be exposed to A physician who performed a mastectomy when only a biopsy was authorized also runs the risk of a malpractice claim under the Virginia common law doctrine of informed consent. It should be noted that among inpatients, resistant strains were considerably more prevalent. Diseases of Women, School of Medicine, Edinliurgli.

After a few days the temperature, even in severe cases, approaches normal, and may continue so till death, but in a few cases continued high fever lasts days or weeks. We shall exclude it fx-om our discussion as a remote possibility. The fee at present charged for winter courses of the ensuing academical year will commenee members of the medical and surgical stall': Drs.

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