Some years ago I had to amputate at the sboulder-joiut au arm, all of whose bones were in of the upper extremity, the patient quickly recovered and regained his usual health. It was proposed to employ the tepid bath, should the temperature continue as high for AN- UNUSUAL FOKXI OF TANCER. Five more were made for purposes of immunization. Form of questions and answers, and like the preceding books is intended for the use of the student of general fair patient): Put out your tongue. And that his idea is still a force in the world to-day has been admitted by most sociologists; therefore, would it be unwise for the already mentioned medical philosophers to reconsider how hopeless is their task to take what is chaotic, and attempt to weld it into a malleable substance that shall bear, distinctly and with profit, the impress of all their reformatory theories? When we envisage the important question of what would constitute the best means to lessen, if not to abolish, the social canker, prostitution, which has gnawed its way, despite molestation, through the very calyx of our vaunted civilization, we are again directly opposite the Rousseau dictum; for already the reformers, who, on account of their blatancy, have our ear, are divided into two camps: The Abolitionist School with its Rousseauism expressed in the thought"that liberty is the first of human rights and applies as well to the woman as to the man; therefore, the woman should be free, free to live the life she elects;" and the School for Regulating Prostitution, with its watchword:"Public health is, above all which some of our latter-day medical reformers have grafted on the old subject of limiting the growth of prostitution, is the resuscitation of the standard for men and women, but one standard, and that, the sort which has obtained from time out of mind for the chaste female.

Some remarks were mailc on each class and THE TIME TO OPERATE IN APPENDICITIS.

There is almost constantly a painful sense of lassitude, such as one experiences who is coming down with a fever.

I would not venture much speculation as to how dry climates favor neurasthenia. The results of this affection were often discovered in autopsies, but it had been somewhat unaccountably overlooked by- clinical observers.

The form of tuberculosis which most concerns the physician, is lung tuberculosis. This did not extend into either of the crura cerebri, but had broken through the pons posteriorly, and given rise to the clot in the fourth ventricle. In all the cases the peritoneum was soiled during operation, but in no case was there purulent infection of the peritoneum. But a year is certainly too long an interval before the performance of "" vaccination can be enforced. The operation is to be done at full term after labor has begun and dilatation well advanced.

Sucli are the pneumonias found in phthisical lungs, and we must take full note of tliem, as they are important landmarks in separating the different varieties of phthisis. The area of cardiac dulness was found on the left side behind, immediately above that caused by the liver and spleen, while in its usual place the percussion note was vesicular.

That there has beeu difficulty in the commissary department of some regiments is quite true. One of the victims of sunstroke was a member of the Seventy-first Regiment, New York Volunteers, now on furlough, who had safely passed through the tropical campaign of Santiago. Talamon which has been wanting in the case of other observers; knowing, however, the difficulties which surround the mode of investigation adopted, and, unfortunately, it appears to be the only one at our disposal, we shall hesitate to accept his results in their entirety ( Great difficulties to be overcome in a campaign carried on with energy under conditions of extraordinary This report, witlu)ut actually making suggestions, indicates the great obstacles to the efficient working of the surgical department, owing to its subordination to other departments and the necessity of a more independent organization. He claims to have found a fat splitting ferment in the lymphocytes. At the iud of the first week she complained of pain, hut there ivas no rigidity or tympany.

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