He resides with his wife and three children in Woodbury. Hot fomentation to the chest or blankets wrung out of boiling water and changed every half hour and hot linseed meal poultices are good. Uterus examined per vaginam, rigid, rather patulous about the mouth; vagina very rugose and contracted, dry and badly lubricated. Friends generally are asked to forward items of medic.

A gentleman, who had loaned him a considerable sum of money, went to his house one evening, with the declared purpose of not leaving it until he had received payment of the amount due him. It is cruel to keep a horse for hours with its head elevated in the air, and if the poor brute is driven facing the sun it suffers greatly and it destroys the sight to a certain extent. Mis voice was a little feeble, on account of laryngeal trouble; but he was, in every way, stronger and better than when I saw him a few months before in Louisville.

Gimbernat, being required to remove a large ganglion on the wrift of the princefs royal of Spain, which was clofe to the radial artery, after having tried in vain what could be done by prellure, had recourfe to cauftics, which were fo. Ferriar relates the cafe of a patient, who at the ftimulus of accumulated bile, I gave him a vomit, of green bile, and relieved him inrirely from the convulfions. When the infection is thus refifted at the threfhold, its ravages in the fyftem are effcftually prevented, for no fever forms: but even when it is formed, its progrefs may be flopped, or its fymptools, by the pradtice I have recommended, may eye fhall be able to recognize irs prefence. This limb was treated, first, in the bran-box; afterwards The deformity of this young man's penis is very great; on one side of the organ, involving the junction between the head and the body, is an enormous growth almost as large as the glans penis itself. Condie replied, that he had declined availing himself of the very few opportunities afforded him for making a post mortem examination of those who had died of the disease.

In two of these cases it was positive".Macewen's sign was found to be practically of no value in this series:

Although it is not pretended that these things have come to pass as the result of any concerted action on the part of physicians, the intimation is plain that their resentment had something to do with tlie sequence of events, and that that resentment was displayed in quite a proper way. He first has the toe thoroughly washed with soap and carefully dried. FOR NERVOUS DISEASES, MILD IVIENTAL DISORDERS. Lefferts's current course, to be given on Tuesday, At a meeting of t he Philadelphia Committee of Arrangements of the American Climatological Association it was concluded desirable to have an article on" Rocky Mountain Accordingly, a physician was invited to prepare a paper on the subject. Some of the cases reported as prolapse have been, in point of fact, cases of eversions proper. In very plethoric subjects with high fever, a little blood could sometimes be taken with apparent advantage, or at least no decided injury. The question is often asked, do bots do any harm to the horse? Veterinary surgeons are agreed on this, that they do not, unless they are over-crowded and pushed to other parts of the stomach or intestines, where they may interfere with digestion. And his mother, an intelligent woman, believes that his faculties remained unimpaired to the last. All articles for publication must be written in ink and on one side of the paper: otherwise the Editor will not be held responsible for typographical All communications relating to the editorial department of the Journal, should be addressed to the Address all business communications to the Journal are earnestly requested to remit to the Proprietors the amount due. It also gives us a clew as to why the action is to Although the germicidal property of fresh milk is feeble, it must iportance of using fresh milk for artificial feeding. The upper lip, unsupported by the column, had fallen down below its natural level, and was rendered thick and tumid by the scrofulous inflammation under appropriate treatment, the tendency to scrofulosis, it was beheved, was so far removed as to warrant an attempt to cure the deformity. From efforts to correlate manifestations of disease of the various organs with the presence of anatomical changes, arose the school of Pathological-anatomical Diagnosis, to which is due the discovery of a number of valuable methods of diagnosis (percussion, thermometry, the microscope, chemical analysis), and which had as its founders men like Bichat, Pinel, Corvisart, Dupuytren, Auenbriigger, Laennec and Rokitansky. In this case an operation is necessary, and is easily performed, and some cases of recovery have been reported. Where the vein-wound is beyond a third of an inch in extent two of the small hemostatic forceps will probably be required, though even much larger wounds than this passing in the long axis of the vessel may be clamped and held in a pair of the largerpressure forceps used in intra-abdominal work.

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