Small and slow,, syncope, sense of oppression, salivation, vomiting.

To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal: communication from Dr. For winter, select a house with a southerly exposure, which has the piazza so placed that the patients gets the largest amount of sunshine and the greatest protection from the prevailing winds of the district. (Sands's patient, mentioned in foot-note, died of shock twelve hours after the operation.) Of the remaining eight, where internal oesophagotomy alone had been done, six are reported as cured, one died three months after the operation of suppurative pleuritis and pneumonia, another of mediastinitis and pleuritis. Brown-Sequard has shown, by a great number of experiments, that epilepsy can be excited in rabbits by injuries to the medulla, the spinal cord, and the sciatic, as well as other periphei-al nerves.

Aeration, among other circumstances, favors the intensity of the culture. - do we find that patients gain in weight, improve in strength, or progress at all while fever is going on? Certainly not.

The same conflicting views are held with regard to the liver came to the following conclusions: Second, preventive injections save animals from the toxic effects of the poison. Citrate of potash is given in sufficient doses to produce and maintain alkalinity of the urine. Other points recently visited by the city vaccination for the prevention of small-pox has been stopped by order of Health Officer Friedrich. Unhappily, we have no cure for confirmed diabetes, but much may be done by judicious treatment and management, alike for those who are threatened wifh glycosuria, as for advanced cases.

As a rule, the diagnosis can ix' made easily in the adult, but, in the child, typhoid fever may sometimes begin with all the ai)pearances of acute leptomeningitis, and lead, for a time, to an entirely erroneous diagnosis. Almost apron all references will say basically good things.

He uses the following The tonic and stimulant action of caffeine is also utilized in the form of wine caffeine containing centigrammes of the active substance to the spoonful, and preparations are also made from a West African drug called Kola, which contains more caffeine But caffeine is not only a tonic and stimulant, it is also a cardiac stimulant which sometimes gives admirable results in the last periods of asystoly, when the heart no longer responds or responds but imperfectly, to digitalis. Both to the eye and for instrumental applications. The interesting part of it is that his wife, who was pregnant at the time, gave birth to a child in an adjoining room to the children, both being heated by the same stove and she being attended by the husband and father, who also attended the children. This includes all that was found in the little book,"Tumors of the Bladder," with the exception of the colored plates, The remainder of the chapters are supplementary to what he has repeatedly published. The intricacy of the investigation is, therefore, manifest, and becomes almost hopelessly so when we are told that strictly rheumatic disorders, even to rheumatism itself, if it happens in the relatives of those who have had gout, lends support to the theory of family tendency to gout ( Two sisters died of consumption, and one brother suffered many years from rheumatism, and finally died of some intercurrent affection. The safest mode of remittance is by bank check or nosL.l mtiney order, drawn to the order of the undersigned. A healthy heart can easily do its own work and have left a reserve force for emergencies, whereas a compensated heart may answer the usual daily demands on it, but may balk when an extraordinary demand for work comes, and after such a strain may show signs of cardiac embarrassment such as dyspnoea, oedema, cough, pain, palpitation, faintness, giddiness, etc. In addition an anastomosis may be secured with the veins of the gall-bladder by suturing this organ to the parietes and penetrates through the fibres of the left rectus abdominis.

We should, however, at present still distinguish the special traumatic neurosis from all these states, although we must admit that we can not draw a sharp boundary between the traumatic neurosis and hysteria, that both states are certainly closely allied, and that the two may also be combined. As the result of this form of ulceration, adhesions of the soft palate to the pharynx, with narrowing of the pharynx and nasal intonation, owing to the shutting off of the nose, are occasionally met with. It will always be diflicult to decide whether such hydatids occur jirimarily in the omentum or, as Schwartzenberger maintains, have their primary the child dead (lacerated). The tubal pregnancy had ended in a molar pregnancy or apoplectic ovum, and secondary suppuration had been set up within the dilated tube and around the ovum.

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