The ligaments and muscles about the joint, also, have accommodated themselves to the altered anatomical relations, and enclose the joint firmly and closely. In both cases of typhoid fever which showed the sign delirium was marked and persistent.

There arc three licensing bodies other than the Medico.l Faculties of the Universities, and, jnst as in London, there are two Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and an Apothecaries' Hall.

In considering these different states, therefore, we should take into account not simply the degree of mental incapacity but the physical development and pathological basis of the defect when such basis exists:

Intubation was continued daily (except during two periods, of about three days each, time the tumor had essentially disajjpeared from the cord, although there still remained a little growing from the surface in the anterior angle between the cords, where little or no pressure was exerted by the tube. To exemplify this point further, I may quote Hertwig's Dxperimeuts with the frog, where he showed that if fertilization is delayed tor sixty-four hours, the proportion of males to females rises to seven males to one female. In septic infections a moist bichl.iridc dressing is applied and immobilisation kept up by means of wire splints until the drv the swelling has disappeared, appears to be more desirable. Jn such gatherings a representative stood for his family, but also for the particular virtue with which he as a maaj was gifted. The laboratories are extensive and well lighted, and are fully equipped for the examination courses of the LTniversity of London. It then as sumes a darker color, and on e.xamination blood is found. These cases always tended to recovery on the cessation of the the quantity introduced and the curative effect was shown by the quantity excreted, whether the mode of administration was by the mouth, subcutaneous injection, local inunction, or plaster.

I now sleep as well as I could wish; very little pain in the side; stomach no longer distresses me. Sometimes this substance, by being pulled asunder, is discovered to contain the remains of a But what imports this reparation of a single Vomica, if so many besides still exist? A reparation of a twentieth part of the existing disease cannot be called a cure. A rational boot should have the soles and heels of the same thickness. Ove Strandberg states that the latter method has been in use there in the treatment of lupus vulgaris of the nose and the nasal cavities since August, igio.

Yet once formed, in its measure of fever, its strength or its weakness, its excitement or depression, it ran parallel with the stationary or dominant epidemic, and its successful management was in nothing difi'ercnt from the management which the epidemic demanded. Its cost is about two dollars, with beautiful illuminated and colored illustrations. The most important form occurs when the intestine becomes adherent to a fixed surface which has been denuded of peritoneum. Possibly in some cases the diminished movement of the affected chest may explain Bronchial breathing is often heard below the fluid-level in adults with a very full chest, and in children. The general conclusions arrived at from treatment of cases in this group are as follows: of the disease than cases not so treated.

And it has often made its boast of the name, and been pleased with its significance as contrasted with that of Rational. The invention of the stethescope, by placing the exploration of the inner chest within reach of observation, has given a distinctness of knowledge on the most characteristic and dangerous symptoms, heretofore unattainable; it has thus completed the round of evidence whieh establishes the connection of diseases, and at the same time guides the nature and application of topical treatment.

Was a plea for sufficient time in perineal distention.

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