For instance, he tells of removing a large epulis and gives an account in detail of the case. The boy was extremely sore over the various places where the ointment indiana had blistered him. It was then found that the foetus was abnormally large and that the hind legs were fully flexed but with the points of the hocks turned underneath the sternum and between the fore legs, while the hind feet were just above the udder. Circumstances, furnishes us with another and a weighty reason for the necessity of disposing of anthrax carcasses intact.

" This examination will be omitted in the case of applicants holding diplomas or certificates from reputable literary or scientific colleges, normal schools or high schools, or of graduates of (medical schools, which require an entrance examination satisfactory to the faculty of the Army Medical School." The classification of veterinary colleges, as set forth in this report, is an innovation upon which I congratulate the members of the committee. The results of the author's investigations regarding; the etiology of amentia cannot be too widely known, nor can the necessity that obviously exists for measures to prevent for the student of medicine to choose from that one cannot but admire the courage of the author who ventures to publish yet another. Von albuminous substances in the urine, in a very exhaustive and complete manner.

The earHest change I am conversant with is a dark hsemorrhagic sphere, not very clearly defined from the surrounding lung tissue at its circumference,' especially when exposed by a deep cut into the lungs. REPORTS OF MEDICAL OFFICERS OF THE LOCAL An outbreak of diphtheria occurred in Llanwddyn, a village situated in and four died. Your obedient servant, To the Editorofthe Medical Gazette.

He had just built one ambulance carriage and had nearly completed another; and it remained to be proved what form would be adopted in London. This excludes the question of heredity. Herbst, Chicago (Journal of Amtrican Medical Association, chronic gonorrhceal joints it is unquestionably valuable. She had been labouring under the disease eight or ten hours when I first saw her, and had had probably a dozen severe paroxysms.

I returned it within the scrotum with some difficulty, without georgia enlirging the wound. In speaking of this so-called pelvic sympathy, relates a case of the sudden disappearance of a gonorrhoea, synchronously with the development of a goitre. Fourthly, the workmen are not liable to be thrown out of employment by machinery. The application of cold, however judicious, may not be free from danger; its advantages seem to depend on moderating (retarding and perhaps equalizing) the internal A gentleman informed us that he was ill the habit of accelerating his circulation to a considerable degree before taking his seat on or in a coach, and he believed that thus he was better and longer able to resist the cold while inactive. It is evident from this report that serious sanitary defects exist in the burgh, and the health authorities should not delay in carrying out the improvements advised. Although the early ulcerations visible on the nasal membrane are rightly described as depressed ulcers with raised borders, those higher up the cavity, or which have existed for some days, are frequently prominent a swollen and discoloured membrane of a bluey-black colour. Fifty-one cases of the seventy fractures of the leg and thirty-one of the forty fractures of the femur united with the application of one cast. Not conscious of any difference in the medicinal powers of the numerous varieties of this species of Amygdalus, but have for many years used for their sedative powers the leaves of any of those varieties which w r e cultivate for their fruit: TREATMENT OF ATROPHIC RHINITIS BY FORMALIN.

In an hour or two the urine began to flow slowly, and he was completely relieved in three hours. De Koninck, suggests in his memoirs, that phloridzine may be ranked with the most valuable febrifuges and will rival in utility ohio the sulphate of quinine. Code There shall be a Matron whose duty it shall be, under the direction of the Registrar, to preserve cleanliness and good order in all parts of the Dispensary, and be present during gynaecological examinations and operations; no such examination shall be made of, or operation performed on, any female patient excepting in the presence of the Matron or of a woman detailed for such duty.

Gas or give humana off an offensive odour; pro duces characteristic growths in bouiUon, gelatine, and agar.

I used to say to him he altered as the Grace Reay, who was a nurse in the Infirmary when Clark was an inpatient, deposes, that when he left he told her he was much better than when John Davidson, a pensioner, and an intimate acquaintance of Clark, used to conduct him to the infirmary as an out-patient, helped him up the stairs when he was taken into the house, and received him when he came out. Many of our larger societies each year report through their prize committees that no essay worthy of a prize has been offered, and, consequently, no prize is given.

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