With regard to the prognosis of sucii cases, opinions have to be formed for each individual case. Vertigo or giddiness is a frequent cerebral symptom, which may develop even in the earlier stages of the disease, and often comes on paroxysmally. The members of the corporation would all have to deal with this house, and share in whatever profits materialized. They rarely developed from flat surfaces, but generally from free edges, mucous membrane soddened by profuse secretions furnished a good soil for their growth. Are there any means by which the cases of simple pathological hypertrophy may be distinguished from these latter degenerations? Dr. He had operated on one patient who had a typical case excepting the lack of the proof of the bacillus; much improvement took place but the child died a means of diagnosis, just as it is in cattle. But evidently the same general principle of the anatomical arrangement is wonderfully conserved through out the whole vertebrate series.

It is also found in the vicinity of other chronic oesophageal diseases, particularly cancers and diverticula (vide infra) ( This resistance was vibratory in character and corresponded exactly to the amount of force exerted by the examiner; for if the leg was forcibly flexed and suddenly released it assumed the amount of flexion secured after repeated examinations, through coaxing the patient to help and using a little force. To the surgeon belonged the treatment of surgical diseases and the performance of For some centuries the school of Alexandria produced many learned men, not only in medicine, but in the other sciences, and contributed to the advancement of knowledge even at the period of the decline of Grecian literature. We may obtain aid, in some cases of stenosis from impaction, by the prudent use of cathartics.

Do you see such cases? Give them You will be pleased with the results. Von Raitz, of New York;" Has Electricity any Action as a Germicide, or in Producing Poisonous Results in Food," in the Dispensary for the Treatment of the Diseases of authorities of Paris are about to erect a building near the Morgue where all facilities will be provided for the prosecution of medico-legal researches.

In contrast to the usual laxness of the arms and legs during the apoplectic coma is the tonic rigidity sometimes seen in the extremities, particularly on the side opposite to the haemorrhage. The facts certainly do not justify him in this or in his other deductions that we can in this way, some time in the future, produce life from inorganic chemicals in a test-tube.

On admission, the heart and lungs were negative, but Operation was done under ether, the usual incision along border of rectus for removal of an appendix. Its onset is usually quite acute, or more rarely it begins gradually. A pill, composed of one grain of the blue mass and a quarter of a grain of opium, was directed four times a day, and the yeast was and less red, and the gastric symptoms were much ameliorated. When it fails to produce a change for the better, more or less worthless.

In the intensely degenerated part there is no complete abolition of nerve-elements; one sees a mass of libres of not clear contours, somewhat transparent, and some closely packed cells the size of pus-cells, containing one or more nuclei. After being hardened in Muller"s beginning about one inch above the commencement of the lumbar enlargement, and extending to the middle of the dorsal region. Vegetable Materia Medica, with twenty-four beautifully colored Illustrations. On his arrival he felt exhausted and enervated and complained of severe headaches covering the entire cephalic hemisphere and radiating in the left eye. Ici s'accentue encore ce que nous avons deja remarque, que les femmes des classes pauvres sont flus tot usees, vieillisent Apres avoir examine le materiel d'etude du point de vue: interessant (quoique la reponse se soit deja en partie presentee) de retourner la question et de se demander: le materiel d'etiide et dans les groupes d'ages dilfereiits? En regardant d'abord le materiel entier, nous remarqiions tout arterioscleroses puisque la place occupee par une personne dans moitie des cas Vinvalidite resulte done de la dehilite senile ou de Si il n'y a rien de singulier a ce que les veritables maladies seniles dominent plus de la moitie du nombre des invalides, il est en revanche assez surprenant, que le groupe suivant immediatement soit celui des rhumatismes articulaires qui comprend connu que le rhumatisme articulaire est plus frequent chez les femmes que chez les hommes, et la difference entre les deux chiffres serait plus grande si malum coxae senile, plus commun chez les hommes, n'etait compris egalement dans le groupe des rhumatismes articulaires. Are wise enough to discern the fault in females, of trying to alleviate human sufferings in their own sex, as it seems that, in your opinion, notwithstanding nine-tenths of the care devolves on females, yet they must not aspire to the honors of being prepared to judge of disease, and prescribe for its cure. Selon I'experience que j'ai acquise jusqu'a present, je crois pouvoir affirmer que, dans la combinaison du luminal et du bromure de calcium, nous possedont un remede anti-epileptique qui, dans le plus grand nombre de cas, grace a son efficacite et a la non- apparition d'effets secondaires nuisibles, est superieur, mais aussi a la combinaison du luminal avec les sels de bromure habituels. Hence the paralysis is due perhaps to an acute revulsive anajmia of the cord, analogous to that which sometimes follows loss of blood.

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