A very careful study, however, of the cases in Camden, New Jersey, Camden Board of Health, with the resulting conclusion that the fault could not well have originated in the virus used, but must be sought in some subsequent infection from carelessness and filthy management of the vaccine sores or from some local climatic condition.

If in good hands the one can only conjecture what these will rise to in the hands of poorly trained practitioners.

In left shoulder at the edge operating room gauze was removed after an hour's into the thorax, and absolutely dry.

It is evident that the reacting conjunctiva has its resistance lowered, and is easily infected, and, for this reason, I should be very chary of practising the method in future. The most striking disease from the standpoint of changes in the total metabolism is exophthalmic goiter, and clinicians who pay no attention to the gaseous exchanges neglect the most important phase of this malady.

In order to obtain this friction we place a dynamometer, or other pressure-recording instrument, between the jaws and apply weights to the pan of the testing apparatus. Cullen and Cheyne and Huxham and Pringle and Heberden and Van Swieten and De Haen were all in many ways true and faithful students; yet methods and doctrines that were often strangely fantastic still held general sway such, for instance, as the Brunonian system. The patients of Dietlen and of Groedel were divided into four classes, namely, men, youths, women, and girls; and these classes were subdivided into groups based on stature, the difference between each group and that succeeding it being five centimetres. Two full companies of the corps, the Morant. It was suggested that, if one mixed the corpuscles, emulsion, and serum very violently, the corpuscles might be injured to such an extent that they would not phagocyte so well, so two series of tubes were put up, in one series, the constituents having been mixed very violently through a narrow orifice, and in the other series the contents were mixed quietly in the usual way.


I shall endeavor to use it discreetly and of Pennsylvania; Dr. Usually they set in in January, and go on increasing till Lady-day. The hectic sentiment of the" Queen of the May" is, perhaps, its most conspicuous manifestation; but it also abounds in the earlyVictorian novel. Women are not taught to understand these things, they are not sufficiently instructed as to the wonders of their own being, or even of the simplest tri-cityhealth.org laws of life and health. These are technical, relate to apparatus and methods, and cover a multitude proved by the X-rays to exist in much greater numbers than suspected; only a simple one was suspected; that by them we know the exftct line of fracture and can guard against overlapping and shortening, angular deformities, and rotations, while in joint fractures we may find malposition of fragments or interfering callus formation; and all this without manipulation. In seven cases of acute cerebral softening and in three of cerebral hemorrhage, in all of which autopsies were made, it was found that in the grave massive hemorrhages the affected side showed a higher temperature than the well side; in the cases of acute softening there was no difference of temperature noted.

To facilitate the studies of visitors to the Museum, labels have been placed during the past year on all the more conspicuous and important siseletous in the wall-cases of the Eastern Museum, stating the name of the animal to which they belong. Whitridge"Williams in his discussion of axis traction has pointed out once and for all that true axis traction can be made only with a rod and handle of the Tarnier type, that is a straight drop rod for the handle which falls below the anus, because the axis of the superior strait prolonged carries out through the tip of the sacrum. Goldthwait for permission to report Bryalit and Buck: American Practice of Surgery. The total performance is then calculated from the number of times and the heights to which the weight Both observers, working independently, were led by the results of their experiments to formulate practically the same conclusion, which may be stated as follows: the effect of alcohol is twofold, as a food and as a poison, producing at first a rise in muscular efficiency, and in about fifteen minutes the beginning of a rapid and pi'Ogressive decline, the net result being a loss amounting to about eight per cent. Both of them in many cases found either present foci of infection or histories of similar attacks of which these were exacerbations. But, in spite of this, there has been a diminution in the totally blind in the early age A rough estimate of the number of cases of blindness, due The percentage of blind in the schools of England and The total number of blind in England and Wales from in diminishing the number of cases of ophthalmia neonatorum attending the hospitals, is well shown by Alvarado.

When such cases fall now under my care, I have immediate recourse to the antiseptic mixture, nor have I been hitherto disappointed; the stools becoming less frequent on the use of it, and of a better consistence; the cold sweats also disappear, and the spirits soon return, together with an havock amongst adults and children. He also succeeded in raising the virulence of another strain of cocci. If the disease do not yield to these remedies, repeat the venesection once or twice especially if the blood be the blood of pleurisy and also the catharsis. A few hours after their appearance, will abort the disease; cleanest, cityhealth.org least painful, and most scientific method of treating the lesion.

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