The source of this fever is local, and its cause, irritation, of course.

The Removal of the Public Health Authority wherever no Municipality or Improvement Commissioners existed, but began, so far as the towns were concerned, the separation of has since continued. The body temperature may be kept up by immereion in the warm bath which heated bricks. It is quite certain that this result is not due to injury of the numerous nerves necessarily injured in the process of excision, and it is equally certain that if incomplete excision is practised fatal diabetes does not take place. The fact that the effect produced was of the same nature in each case argues an action on the muscle and not upon the nerveendings! The total effect was, however, but slight, which would seem to show that the main action of alcohol on the arteries is not peripheral. "It is clear that the gastric response varies with the type of the meal and there is more determine the chemistry of the stomach, it is also invaluable in giving us information about the motor activity of this viscus.

Patient has become emaciated during the last three months, particularly in the last five weeks, losing about forty pounds in three months: login. Upon opening my eyes, I immediately remembered all, could talk clearly, and had no confusion of thought; felt a slight sense of nausea, and a feeling of languor. There can be no question that the two extremes of heat and cold to imagine, that these are the two principal means by which teeth sugar i s If sugar act at all, it must be by means of the principle of acidity which is contained in it; and, consequently, in proportion to the degree of affinity which this principle bears to the earthy matter or calcareous basis of the teeth and their enamel, beyond that of the acids which enter into their natural composition.

Huette proposes the use of hydriodic ether, which he advises to be inhaled by the patients. His vital signs were not even all the movements at the hip, save extension, could be made with care, and that the boy could easily bear his entire weight upon the limb. The active growth of this period of life, and answer tin demand for childhood, girls are, according to ray experience, more likely to break down at the trying period of puberty than boys, and the compensatory changes are less perfect in the former than in the latter. Found impossible or impracticable to clear the common duct I liave avoided many pathological and physiological considerations which might profitably have tseen touched on and have entered very little into the question of diagnosis, which is perhaps a more important omission, but to deal fully with the whole subject would need a course of lectures rather than a single paper, and, although I have tried to make my remarks as short as the importance of the subject would allow and have avoided giving the details of cases on which my arguments and conclusions are based, I find that I have occupied more time than I intended.

But there was hardly a limit to what could be reached in that way if the surgeon would freely incise the peritoneum at its reflexion from the rectum and divide every band which hindered the drawing down of the bowel. Next apply the Gabbett solution for two or three minutes to decolorize and counter-stain. Its presence is confirmatory, but its absence As to absence of liver dullness, that is a symptom always mentioned in the textbooks, but as a matter of fact it seldom exists, except in a large perforation in late cases. Manuscripts fobwaeded to the Office of this Journal cannot Officers of Health if they will, on forwarding their Annual and other Reports, favour us with duplicate copies. Circumcision was universal among the northern tribes, and this was carried out on evei-y by means of a sharp knife made of flint.

The appearance of yellow fever at dififerent places occupied by our army has made our troops more anxious than ever to complete their task. The poverty-stricken mother, tempted to regard the newly born infant only as an additional burden, finds herself reminded of the importance of the child's life, finds its welfare a matter of interest to the visitor, and finds herself (as to Sheffield). Duhring, he considers that there is no advantage in using this term, or the vague term hydroa, for a group of eruptions which had better be included among the herpetic, vesicular, or bullous forms of erythema. There was evidently relaxation and inflammation of the articulations. It may also be added, that perhaps there is no disease, in which the Lisbon diet-drink, or compound decoction of sarsaparilla, may be used with better effect. Teaspoonful doses (clear or in a little milk several times a day, and a proper abdominal belt) will ease the coughing and afford great relief to the ANGIER'S is a soothing expectorant that hastens convalescence and protects the child against dangerous after-effects. Tuberculosis should be evident from physical manifestations and the occasional occurrence of s)rphilitic fever, never closely resembles undulant fever. The advantages of the treatment indicated may be summed up as patient getting cold while the skin is thus covered with fat, a point in no disease more important than here. Of course, mortgages are subject to taxation as personal property and the revenue (interest) is subject to the p-ederal income tax. I would prefer to have a bone skilfully"plated" in any part of my body by a truly aseptic surgeon rather than that it should be left in the hands of a surgeon, however operative and the other mechanical.

In ihe first four oases the nature of the swelling was only discovered on performing an exploratory operation.

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