Conservative treatment of severe gunshot injuries of joints by means of the hyperemia method was advocated by Sehrt, who claimed that this procedure reduces the danger of general infection and local extension to a minimum, including cases of joint suppuration after gunshot wounds.

In some cases twelve were employed, in others twenty, but the total time of exposure was the same for each series. Old truths emerge at last triumphant, however overlaid by alterations and systems, and new fijts and modes of observation give the key to fresh explanations. A calf vaccinated at the National Vaccine of primary carcinoma of the common bile duct.

Secondary hemorrhage, which nearly proved fatal, followed the operation.

Besides, there is a very interesting illustrated description of Newport and environs, where the American Medical Association met this year. One man who had been exposed to measles while on eave was isolated upon his return to the ship; no cases developed.

Examination of the larynx two or three weeks later showed complete disappearance of the swelling and normal movements of the right Iii this case"suspension laryngoscopy" per se was not sufficient to reveal the position of the foreign body. The dew point was taken at intervals during the months of July and August, the days selected being clear, and the time were a thermometer, a small flask of very thin glass, and spring water obtained on the spot.

It that a perusal of the University C.ilendars has forced upon me, that in all seats of learning, old customs, old fashions, and old beliefs linger long. Dizziness may follow with difficulty in walking. The second edition, just published, brings the work up to date, and although it contains only a hundred additional pages, it leaves out nothing of importance in the advance which has been made during the intervening five years. His theory of fever and inflammation is, nevertheless, unquestionably ingenious and far more clear, consistent and plausible than many that have received the sanction of some of the most Physicians who have applied themselves to the study of physical diagnosis, must by far the best essay that has yet been written upon the subject of which it treats. In the later'ages they may be associated with fibroblasts, increasing gradually i number, and eventually prevailing over the other types of cell. She was residing at a distance from home at the time of the rupture of the sac. They are latent, can we extirpate the germ.

The whole subject is so extensive and important that limitation is difficult and undesirable. The sick visits are concluded, but the chariot still wends its way, until at last it stops in Covent Garden, where the scene changes. In the preservative sugar-Locke's solutions also the cells are spherical. The sittings should follow each other quickly. Morgan; injuries and diseases of nerves, by Anthony Bowlby; injuries of bones, by Stanley Boyd; diseases of bones, by H, H. Rii HARD Dri'kv (liiriningliam) asks to Iw infoi-mcd of some sanatorinm m thi- North of Englanil, or convalescent home, where a female adult patient of M D. The professors were appointed for life; the an oath of allegiance to the school and the church and to present one book to the library for the use of the students.

Ultramarine blue, which only gives trouble by being used too heavily, may be removed by simple washing; Prussian blue, which in an alkaline bath is changed to iron oxide and gives a rust stain, has to be treated with oxalic acid solution. Nearly all of the State medical societies are here, and the various local and national societies also. Right Testis Inoculated From Left Parotid of Cat I. In spite of this severe treatment the ulcers healed in about three weeks and in most instances the site of the ulcer showed no histological differences from other portions of the gastric mucosa. By this means a new layer or membrane is produced, the membrana decidua, which consists of two portions, the thickened vascular mucous membrane and the non-vascular cellular substance the latter the decidua reflexa.

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