He ate some of the very worst kinds of cleaned and badly cooked. Medications par les Extraits d'Organes Animaax.


There are other patients, on the contrary, with the same or analogous lesions, who die more or less rapidly in spite of anything The Prague correspondent of the Medical News tells of a man whose thorax was caught antero-posteriorly between the bumpers of two cars as he was coupling them. The same rule, so far as we know, holds in respect to the seasonal prevalence of dysentery among the natives. The geophagia, which has been pointed out as frequent in negroes, is probably sometimes itself a means of increasing the disease, causing fresh introductions of the anchylostoma larvae.

One physician extracts his own teeth without pain.

Tbcse is one kind of perinenm which I think I have seoD often enongh to recognize and describe. The plan should either not have been tried at all, or it should have been adhered to for a longer time. In this variety of tertiary angina there may be breaking down of the tonsil and very grave alterations of the subjacent legit tissues with hemorrhage. They are found to furnish better results than those more heroic measures approved of by our predecessors. On the contrary this is not necessary, for many get well without it, and my purpose is to insist on a thorough study of every case so as to be able to say when an operation should be resorted to and when we may wait on the disposition of nature.

He induced chronic inflammation of the kidnejs in rabbits by compressing the renal artery, and after the renal lesion existed from one and one-half to three months, he injected into their cranial and thoracic cavities various irritating and septic fluids. In many of these cases the swelHng of the testicle is the only external evidence of filarial infection, but not infrequently it is associated with varicose groin glands, lymph scrotum, or other filarial Usually its presence is not suspected until the surgeon taps what he supposes to be an ordinary hydrocele, when, instead of the familiar hydrocele-like swelling of the testis be present, and be associated with varicose groin glands, it may almost with certainty be diagnosed chylocele. - it is not a secretion, but consists of the products of disassimilation or wear and tear of the tissues held in suspension in water. Again, you will notice the action of opium, low, in this case.

The wound healed rapidly by first intention without the formation of a drop of pus, and in twelve days the antiseptic dressings were discontinued.

A sense of exhaustion is felt on the least exercise, and this appears to be due to a lack of oxygen in the system. Medical men can best promote sanitary progress by aiding in the dissemination of information as to the actual prevalence of disease, the their disregard, and this can best be accomplished through sanitary associations and publications, especially in the secular press, the citizen what the school is for the child, with the advantage for the adult that the lessons are taught in a more rational, three years, several cases have been recorded, in which ascites was successfully very anemic and with marked ascites. For these it is also necessary, if we wish to discover them by their movements, to examine the faeces while quite' fresh, as they very soon die and become deformed, especially with cooling, in such a manner as not to be recognisable if not suitably fixed and stained. The number of medical students in Canada is evidently larger than ever before.

At any rate," no one has found anv substance, except fungi, which will give rise to sucn of a small cambric needle which he removed from the arm of a patient, who could give no clue to its introduction, and did not remember having broken any needle in his hand nor arm. They are either hard or soft, and are troublesome by reason of the pain they the mucous membrane in lepra; in cancer, a hard oedematous swelling.

The great importance of keeping the wound aseptic is insisted upon, and the frequently fatal results of suppuration in the wound are described. But it is not only in constipation that the neurotic tendency of the bowel comes into play. As a consequence, the conclusion is worthless as a logical inference, and is of no value, except as a makeshift But the allegation placed in italics is not only unproven; it is untrue. It is mainly, no doubt, to this circumstance that we must attribute not only the fact of their existence, but the still more remarkable prospect of their convalescence and ultimate recovery. Records by the same prover, and are included simply to show be far more valuable and satisfactory had the doses taken and form of medicine used, as well as the circumstances under which the effects occurred, been stated by the provers. DeRosset is an accomplished scholar and physician, and has our best wishes for success in his Observations on Contraction of the Fingers (Dupuytren's Contraction); also on the Valedictory Address to the Graduating Class of the University of California. The methods of producing hypnotic sleep will vary with the different hypnotiseurs.

Generally by these local means, when they are combined with good food and quinine, the necrotic process is at once arrested. I now injected one fortieth grain of atropia, and in thirty minutes the pupils became fully dilated, the face became all aglow with a deep scarlet efHo rescence, his power of articulation was fully restored, and he seemed out of danger. Freshly-boiled distilled or filtered water, cooled to become entangled in the openings in the tnbe. Patient has an attack of dropsy, etc., from which he apparently recovers and goes on able to work, but with urine of low specific gravity, which sometimes contains albumen: These experiments I have repeated and confirmed, and also somewhat varied. Shall I be considered as unpatriotic and unmannerly when I declare it as my belief, founded on a somewhat extensive acquaintance with the profession in both countries, that in brain -weight and brainwork we in America are not altogether and unlimitedly superior to the mass of American physicians is inferior to the profession in Europe in scholastic attainments if not in ambitious devotion to the science of of our profession abounds in names famous throughout the world, and in natural intellectual power and practicality the American doctor is So far I have spoken to you of the scientific aspect of our calling; but as most of you are dependent on your work for food as well as fame, it is important that you should look at it in other aspects. The improvement in the main symptoms was but little, and the learn to read, see the world once more, and, in fact, cured her. The liver contained numerous miliary tubercles and all the lesions presented under the microscope the characteristic histological structure of Extensive experiments made on animals prove syphilis to be a microbic disease which is most frequently transm.itted from"It still remains a disputed question whether pathogenic micro-organisms can exist in a healthy body without giving rise to in the circulation, and that they do not manifest their pathogenic effect until they become localized.

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