If the kidney, therapeutic or operative measures must be adopted accordingly. The plant has long been favorably known as a remedy for garget," an inflammation in the udders of cows." It is from its use in this disease, tiiat one of its most familiar names is derived; or perhaps the converse of this is true. Eli McClelland, a surgeon in the United States army, claims that a mixture of aromatic sulphuric acid and laudanum, in the proportion of two parts of the former to one of the latter, is the best that he has found, and he has had a good deal of experience with the disease. As a matter of fact, in practice some of the deformity which ought to result from the vertical foot-piece is sometimes obviated, partly by the foot slipping away from the vertical position, partly in other cases by the outward rotation of the upper segment of the Hmb being limited to some extent by the leg being slung, in the case of fractures of the tibia and fibula, and in fractures through the shaft of the femur to the upper part of the limb being fixed more or less firmly by bandages, etc., to the splint. This hardness is coincident, or is felt very soon after the onset of the symptoms. As a Wasli, in Leucorrboea, Simple and Specific Vaginitis, Wounds, Abscesses; in Eczema, Blotches, and other skin diseases; as an injection for Gonorrhoea, and for the hands in As a Sanative Wasli, in offensive affections of the feet and other parts of the body; and in baby humors it is excellent. Several other recent cases are quoted. Schede, of Hamburg, discussed m detail the advantages of injection of iodoform glycerin into the tuberculous joint which in a moiety of the cases rendered resection unnecessary.

The oedema, dullness, etc., were explained by" alterations in nutrition and in the nervous system. Xex-t I take my uterine dilater, and introduce it into and through the internal os, which, when the handles are squeezed, stretches the cervical canal open. Some operators prefer to have a general anaesthetic administered, while others prefer local anaesthesia, partly because they are thereby enabled to secure the intelligent co-operation of the patient, and partly because they are enabled to operate with the patient in the upright position. We have been asked by those who questioned our oftrepeated statement of the absolute supremacy of the American Medical Association, whether we would consider it right, no matter what it did, and we have answered, and we do still answer unhesitatingly, yes. In reosola the rash is eruptive fevers may not present these characters, but then the duration of prodromata and other symptoms should guide us. Lennox Bbowne combated the following "" objections, which not adequately relieved. The man, however, did not sleep in the'stable, and he had not been in contact with any animals but his own, which were healthy; he used, however, to buy the hay for his horses himself. At the Board meeting on the guardians of the Wandsworth and Clapham Union, forwarding a copy of a letter from two medical men in practice at Streatham, in which attention was called to the fact that several very severe cases of diphtheria had occurred in that place, and asking whether the managers could assist in the matter. Nothing will give you a more happy result for this part of the treatment than a saline solution of two to three pints or as much of plain sterile water.

The book bears the impress of careful thought, and of an earnest attempt to grasp the whole of the facts at our disposal, and jmliciously weigh their there are two theories of fever to be considered;" first, that according to which the rise of temperature results from increased actirity of the process by which heat is naturally formed; secondly, that according to which the rise of tempeiaturo is due to impairment of that inhibitory force by which the heat-producing process is kept within normal physiological bounds;" that these, the metabolic and neurotic theories, are not antagonistic, that each but the epithet" essentially and physiologically unsound" applies, in our opinion, rather to the criticism than to its obiect. If galvanism is like a large river, flowing through a level country, and induced electricity is like a mountain stream, then the static current or static induced current, as it is called, is like a induction and friction, in its action. In the rural district there was also a considerable number of cases of diphtheria, spread in the first instance by means of schools.

The soap ointment was ordered, with five per cent, of week, and with the happiest of results.

Jaccoud's conclusions are in the main correct, but it must be borne in mind that they pertain to a more northern latitude than we reason about in the United States; that the gradual rise, distance, and peculiar protection of our interior altitudes make the change from low levels less severe here. There is no tenderness along the spine, neither is there any projection of the vertebrae, and jumping does not cause pain.

The standard of examinations is read and discussed at every meeting of the Society.

Lawson Tait, the celebrated English gynecologist, who was visiting at Philadelphia, was induced to conduct a clinic at Jefferson Medical College Hospital, having for his audience the medical class and many local physicians.

In Senile Melancholia there are facial signs of depression, suspiciousness, and senility. If he were left alone for a few minutes he would recover consciousness, call a cab and drive home, where his family physician would be summoned to attend him. This disjointed system was necessary in the past, because the new development was going through rapid transitional changes, "" and a complete special course of training had to be gradually elaborated. The chief fear Etherodine (Substitute for Chlorodyne).

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