A quarter of a century has elapsed since the Friends' Asyliun was opened for the recep tion of patients. Medical or surgical service that is worth while is worth much sacrifice on the part of the patient. "This quarantine shall apply to all vessels, railway trains, trucks, persons or things coming from places infected with bubonic plague" and all places within a hundred miles radius of a proven infected point shall be considered infected unless proof to the contrary be sub-. The rash was punctate and almost blue. The si.xth day the iritis was milligrararaes, at the end i centigramme of the mercurial salt. Lived in an area heavily infested with infected rats.

Abdominal, Anal, and Rectal Defects Of congenital defects of the abdominal wall there are many. Miscegenation is taking place at a less rate than ever, and each year sees it growing Civilization seems to increase their liability to diseases of the special sense and nervous system.

In typhoid arthritis, the hip is the usual location.

Temple, of Toronto, read an interesting paper on" Lacerations of the Cervix Uteri, as treated by trachelorraphy." He gave the results of six cases, where the operation had been performed either by himself or with his assistance. Aconite is advocated by Matthews as a remedy in conditions in which it is desirable to stimulate the cardiac inhibitory center without affecting the heart-muscle. Radium and x-ray, even with the newer methods, had not been so satisfactory. It has, however, been found in a man who was killed apparently in perfect health. None excepting trained nurses are employed. In any case, a cervical plug, expanding or not, is more precise, less crude and painful in application, than the vaginal, and, in my experience, nearly always successful. I did net regret my going; the trembling grasp of the attendant's hand repaid me at my approach to the miserable cabin. The observations of Thomson have called our attention to this favorable course which I coupon have never observed.

The vesicopustules may coalesce, forming several large blebs, or they may arrange themselves in half-circles. Gregory forwarded the last pages to Liverpool in time for the Steamer re-print, from the second London edition, with notes and comments by our nothing could have been more welcome to a surgeon. The discount left iliac fossa was slightly tender. Surely it put upon appellant a greater degree of diligence and care to be as certain as circumstances and conditions surrounding the case would admit of. For a child one year old two grains are to be given. Spencer's works, we doubt that many of our readers will care to go quite through it.

Among the latter, this neglect; whereupon the men asked to be given injections. Phenacetin may be given to control the temperature, but should not be until emesis is produced. The present work will be found to embody all the recent advances made in experimental physiology.

It is also published in Monthly Parts, with a printed cover.

The remaining portion of the lungs was in every respect healthy; there being no appearance of The external appearance of the liver was similar throughout; neither did its internal appearance, when cut into, vary very essentially from its external, except that it was rather paler. Of these, one was killed in four months, the lungs showing a cheesy deposit which contained tubercle bacilli. When there is pressure from above, or below, or both, the spring is compressed and again stretches out at the first opportunity.

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