Gallant said that functional albuminuria seems to grow rapidly and are not of very strong constitution. The antitoxin treatment of diphtheria, the Pasteur inoculation cure of hydrophobia, the prevention of smallpox by vaccination, and many medicine are due to vivisection, while still many more are the subjects of observation, which will ultimately result in the discovery of curative procedures: The history of drug addiction in each of these as used throughout this discussion refers to what in which a person has lost the power of self-control with reference to a drug, and abuses the drug to such an extent that the person or society We are concerned primarily with narcotics and narcotic addiction to the extent that they pose penological and criminological problems that are related to the degree to which the inmates accomplish a suitable intramural and extramural adjustment. Very recently progress has been made in the study of associations in the so-called mixed states of exaltation and depression, in which certain of the signs of mania are associated with certain of the signs of depression. Under the influence of Bright and of Rayer, whose great authority I delight in acknowledging, albuminuria was for a long time considered as the decisive factor in the diagnosis of nephritis.

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Multiple neuritis confined to the cranial nerves may occur, but it is seldom that the typical picture of bulbar palsy will be presented; often nerves other than the cranial are affected, and sometimes sensory as well as motor nerves are implicated, and the development is usually more rapid in multiple neuritis.

Sometimes, however, the organism crippled by diphtheria is not able to do this promptly and there may be a renewal of the symptoms, or diphtheria bacilli may continue to live in the throat and be a source of danger to others for many weeks. Too often this treatment is over refined and undue attention is paid to minor ailments of httle importance, when the whole organism is properly considered. In some cases the pus follows the sheath of the psoas down to the lesser trochanter, and may invade the hip-joint, (c) The suppuration spreads into the pelvis, and the abscess opens into the bladder muco-purulent or bloody, foul-smeUing stools, while the gas from the intestine, entering the abscess cavity, may produce emphysema of the dorsal region, (e) Rupture into peritoneum is exceptional, a fact explained by the distance between the peritoneum and the abscess, which Perinephritic abscess, then, may terminate in the foregoing ways.

It should be, I think, completely understood that if the federal government takes over responsibility for the financing of medical care and follows the same pattern of decreased capital investment shown in Great Britain, then serious difficulties will arise in the future provision of hospital beds in this country. We have little or no accurate information concerning the plague in China in early times. During epidemics of acute poliomyelitis the earlier severe cases have often been mistaken for examples of Landry's paralysis until the opportunity for examining the tissues has The bacteriology is in an immature condition, and it is not possible to say whether the disease is specific or whether it may occur as a result of various forms of intoxication, bacterial or otherwise. There have been period, but each fit has been less in time and milder Two females have been under my observations both from so few cases but so far as my experience goes with them, I feel that the operation is not as thoroughly useful as with boys.

The Illinois Association of Blood Banks are Frank Trobaugh, Jr., president elect; William Mavrelis, vice president; and Morris Goldenberg, secretary-treasurer. But there is a danger line in these extraneous educational aids, beyond which the student becomes a general rather than a special student. A platelet count, of course, is "" absolute evidence of thrombocytopenia. This solution keeps well, has a dark, whiskeylike color, a nutty odor and is easy to take, warm or cold. THE METHODIC REPORT OF A SURGICAL CASE. Approaching the problem of the reduction of tuberculosis, the thoughtful director of the experiment must needs recognize that what appears to be the primary object virtually becomes of secondary importance in view of the possibilities of an organized effort to raise the standard of public health.

If the quantity taken has been considerable, the stomach and intestines are often found upon dissection corroded or perforated, and the blood is fluid, though in general the patient expires before the action of the poison has proceeded to such a length. From the Southern Botanico Medical Journal.

In "" quartans the hyaline bodies are smaller than in tertians, but they are more refractive, the ameboid movements slower, and the pigment granules larger, darker, motionless and generally peripheral, but sometimes star-shaped and central. Inspection and palpation of the back and even of the anterior surface of the sacrum by rectum may fail to reveal any mass, especially in carcinoma. A small diet kitchen, a small operating room, sufficient for such emergency work as may arise, are on the north side. Microscopical examination of the edge of the perforation showed that the infiltration was entirely inflammatory. This assures that adequate time will be devoted to legislative research, bill drafting, and surveillance of measures bearing directly or indirectly on the free enterprise practice of medicine. In several cases of malaria, for a few days, various antiseptics (guaiacol carbonate, carbolic acid, calomel, iodin) were tried with no effect. Certainly we rejoice and are proud of recent attainments in therapeutics, but there can be no real progress without the conservatiwi of the hold that a sane conservatism is perfectly consistent both with genuine progress and a sane freedom from accepted principles." This, one of the most frequent of disorders amongst babies naturally attracted the attention of medical practitioners from the earliest times.

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