That Diplococcus pneumomae is the specific cause of at least the great majority of cases of acute lobar pneumonia is no longer open to dispute. These cultures were the second transfers. Their attacks on stock are equally troublesome, and the provision of protective fly-nets on horses is a wise precaution now generally adopted. If, on the other hand, the substance is allowed to pour rapidly into the blood, e. The patient seemed to be doing fairly well.

Petit says it is quite difficult to solve the question as like cancer, which at times follow it, both of these tumors result from the epithelial proliferation, independent With the stuily of the pathogenesis various points are established (review). In these cases there was free hydrochloric acid. The preceding table is inserted not with the intention of analyzing in this article the cases" composing it, but to show the great differences between the results of the bacteriological study of living surgical cases and those of the autopsy material of a general hospital, and especially to emphasize the preponderance of streptococcus cases over staphylococcus and all other pyogenic cases in such material. Later he will muss around the udder as though unable to nurse, saliva may drip from his mouth, looks wild out of his eyes, staggers away from his mother, falls down apparently in a fit, gets up and walks or runs into the fence only to fall again, then have a few more fits when death closes the scene. Rather a mad president, the guests deemed him, but the river is crossed, the turkey cooked, and incredulous old The people should be glad of this book. Of course, we could not get any history from the child as to whether there had been gonorrheal infection or not; the mother was inclined to think such a thing impossible, and it was probably a case of vaginitis non- specific in character.

John North, of Keokuk, Kansas, will remove'.to Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Major Francis L.

It is not necessary, except in instrumental deliveries, or where the hand has been introduced into the uterus, to use intra-uterine irrigation.

In these tlie neovesicles are small microscopic cysts, whicli have a tendency to enlarge and mingle so as to form eavities more or less iri'egular and legit wide.

In the human cases reported as intrauterine infection (only those in wliich satisfactory bacteriological examination was made are here considered.) by infants died two to five days after birth and, although the infection was probably intrauterine, the possibility of its occurrence during or after birth cannot be absolutely excluded.

Six weeks later the patient died showing the symptoms of a purulent meningitis. There is a round cell infiltration in the kidneys, spleen and liver.

Towards the decline of the disease especially, the limb will pit upon pressure as in common anasarca. Irodurch die Versuchsperson schnell in aufrechte Stellung konimt, heivirH eine gesteigerte Frequenz als Folge einer Yerlilriung von einem, zwei oder alien Teilen des EKG und rcrursacJit im allgcmeinen ausserdem eine VerJcleinerung Une nouvelle contribution a I'etnde des syndromes radicnlaires nioteurs de Fabdonien Depuis sept ans j'ai tente de rassembler des observations qui articles a ce sujet et au sujet des reflexes abdominaux seront moment c'est la fonction des raeines dorsales motrices VII et VIII qui est a discuter.

It was found then to arrest destruction, to destroy foul odors, to ward off the fly and maggot. The solution presumably passes through the pylorus at once.

As between the assassin, or the thief, and the man that recommends the assassin or thief there is but little difference. His first effort, A Good Natnr'd Man, was actually too funny to succeed, for that sort of comedy was unfashionable at the time. Auch kommt die von Einthoven in spateren Werken als U bezeichnete Hebung ftber die Nullinie zwischen T und P nicht selten angegeben, der zwischen der Frequenz in der Horizontallage Versuchsperson: Mann. The patient's condition remained about the same, and it was thought best to allow the abscess to become well walled off before operating. After a while we got far out from the settlements about one hundred miles west of where the city of Waco now stands.

If, however, bis case be carefully traced back, a preliminary constipated period, often of several weeks standing, will be found to have existed.

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