Routine cultures and sensitivity tests are not always possible.

Alcohol degenerations, he holds, offer the best field for successful treatment.

Second, the surplusage of expert investigators, out of jobs, has been greatly increased by the addition of a whole lot of former bank examiners and income experts, to demonstrate there is something they are good for.

Freely in the middle line of the perinseum, divided the stricture, met with an old abscess on the left side, posterior to the stricture, large enough to admit the tip of the forefinger, and passed a gum catheter through the incision into the bladder. Then fasten a rope to the remaining skin and complete delivery. After separation of the dura mater from the osseous edge a needle was passed through it into a meningeal cyst, from which one to two drachms of serous fluid was discharged, and dural pulsation was restored. The question which arose was: Was the disease in them sufficient to cause the symptoms observed treated by a new method described in the Practitioner of February last. The valuable statistics of the Surgery of the late war, published by the American Government, have been carefully used. Brisk rubbing, however, restored He recalls now, that twelve months ago he remarked to his mother that the water in the wash-basin was cold only to his the fingers of his right hand have gradually become stiff and the hand itself has withered. They may not always be appreciable by physical examination, but they are often overlooked when they are quite discoverable; and inasmuch as the"presence of a tumor" is the chief diagnostic sign of the affecticm we are discussing, it is necessary that we should give great attention to this feature in our examination. This may be dull, continuous, and occasionally paroxysmal and radiating. Then, again, excessive smoking is injurious at any age, but that is implied in the condition of excess.

Stenosis of the Larynx from Typhoid Fever.

This, hofwever, applies to the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as whitlows and the like rather than to ulcers of the leg; for the latter, rest in bed is the ideal condition, with Bier's treatment to accelerate Precisely how the treatment acts is not known. The circumjacent connective tissue is separated with the finger. A large piece of bone lay in the posterior wall of the bladder which it was not deemed expedient to remove. Out of all the cases that I have been able to collect I can find only one that appeared to be distinctly subcutaneous, while in those instances where the cystic production appeared superficial it will be found that they had not only pushed aside the mylohyoid muscles, but extended between the geniohyoid muscles, and even between the genioglossus.

Gradually a tremor on voluntary use, particularly of right hand when writing in the presence of anyone, developed. Yet surely it is not less a useful service to the community to train skilled hands and brains to minister to the sick and poor, than to furnish fitting surroundings in which for the sick and poor to receive such ministrations. The swelling had reached such a size that she had great difficulty in swallowing, and this was the She was an undersized, badly nourished Englishwoman, with a investments reduced to adject poverty. In typhoid fever it was easy to lower the temperature, the subjective symp toms, with the pulse and respiration, were in some cases improved; collapse On the other hand, in the greater number of eases, malaise, indifference, dizziness, delirium, and a marked unfavorable action on the pulse were noted, in spite of the lessened temperature.

A vigorous degree of hyperemia is produced by the cupping glass, which is used principally for the production of local hyperemia in small and limited inflamed and suppurating areas of the trunk and neck, situations in which the bandage is not applicable.

It is wonderful the amount of force one can apply to the chest in this way ( This is a well worn theme, but it puts on fresh attractiveness medical jurisprudence and associate professor of clinical surgery in the Medical Department of the University of Toronto. Day fits" of infants are termed trismus teror).

These figures are conceded to be ten times as high as milk should show, but by the enforcement of such a standard the farmer would receive a compulsory education in the necessity of preventing the presence Department of this Journal are received only with the distinct understanding that they are contributed exclusively to this Journal. That city is the capital of Canada, and, therefore, a fit. They are immobile; their growth is in general slow, but is hastened at the occurs both at the surface and in the depth of the culture-media.

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