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A disease-poison which "" shows such an obstinate vitality and such persistf)nt aggressiveness cannot be allowed to exist among us without the certainty of future losses which will eclipse those of Great Britain by as much as our herds of cattle the possibility of the disease having already reached the latter State, an occurrence which was inevitable sooner or later, but the actual existence of which must enormously increase our dangers.

The spreader should be wide enough to prevent pressure on the lateral surfaces of the limb below the point of application Little need, be said regarding the treatment of fractures of the tarsals and metatarsals, except that better results are obtained by suspension. Should fluctuation announce the us formation of pus, make an opening with a sharp knife to evacuate it, while if destruction of the gland is threatened castration must be performed. In performing cholecystotomy it is well to remember that gall-bladder walls are ver)' thin, and manipulation must be gentle.

Prom the medical officers at the Base Hospital cultures from the throats showed that seventy-two per cent, carried the hemolytic streptococcus in their throats. If the problem can not be solved, any system of quarantine will prove a failure, unless it is converted into a blockade, which may prove equally as hostile and destructive to the interests of the people as the yellow fever itself.

Langholm has a population of about four thousand. The rongeur was applied, and an opening made large enough to admit an elevator. He was covered with a sticky, cold, clammy sweat. It is not possible to affirm that it is in a direct way under the influence of the will.

It may be necessary to relax the muscles by a full dose of chloral -hydrate before attempting to reduce. Morphine, in quantity insufficient to relieve the pain when in the recumbent position, acted as a hypnotic when standing up.

The liquids, in the form of spray, are said to be izers, nebuliurs, spray-producera: Relating to nasal and superior maxillary bones, as the forum nason- axillary suture. The concensus of opinion now is that for the majority of cases, the supra-pubic route is the best. Puncture of the pericardium for the dlaoharge of fluid. The division of a tight frenum in a hypospadiac male, and the separation of the adherent labia in a gynandrous individual, are minor operations which may be undertaken without hesitation; but it is doubtful whether we are justified in removing the sexual glands in any case of pseudo-hermaphroditism, although of course the alternative procedure of making questions of identity, of paternity, of the right to exercise the franchise, and to enter professions open only to one sex, when the individual is one about whose true sex there is some doubt, all require very careful consideration and clinical investigation. Connective-tissue covering ttf the the trunk, bAween the isehiatic tubworities, anus, and genital organs.

He organized and directed a corps of surgeons, with steamers as floating hospitals, at the siege of Yorktown, was since actively engaged in the practice of his profession. That the discover)' of Koch was ever destined to help us much in the treatment of this disease after it was well established in the system seemed to him very unlikely.

In one word, as Pozzi puts it, the patient knows that she has a uterus. The author cites many cases which are The first part of this pamphlet is devoted to proceedings, etc.

It is mainly to be recognized by its spread in a flock as a sequence of contact with diseased animals, and without any sufficient cause in their management or in the dampness of the locality.

After one week of this treatment, if the leg is still swollen and sore, apply Dr.

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