J and dip it into a basin of clean cold water, when thoroughly wet, squeeze it out in your hand as you would a sponge, and then rub it hard all over the face of the. Hayden, Water and Water Supplies. Its action depends upon the presence of oxygen, the most common element in the body. There was little in the present situation to encourage even a hope, but it was not an impossibility. NEW YORK COLLEGE OF VETERINARY san SURGEONS. The term migTaine covers a wide field of human ailments, and too frequently migraine remedies are resorted to when absolutely not indicated. The first case occurred in a gentleman, the Cashier of a Bank in North Carolina.

Here the march of death has been very diflerent from what has been noticed in the simple inflammation of the larynx. I have seen cases in which aneurismal tumours had existed for a long time without any increase, as long as the patient avoided any marked vascular excitement, and continued his wonted diet; but when repealeii depletions and vegetable or low diet were adopted, great augmentation of the tumour and fatal results soon followed. The registration of all licensed physicians by the profession Itself, as advised, will make It possible to tell how many secure the name, address, and medical history of every reputable regular physicians to affiliate themselves with Two difficulties should be considered, both as to the primary organizing and as to keeping up the detailed information required; one of these pertains to the large country.

At Olympia he had carried away the gold mantle of the statue of Zeus, because, as he said, gold was too heavy in summer and too cold in winter; and at Epidaurus he removed the gold beard, remarking that it did not generally been supposed to be a sheer fantasy of the poet's brain, concocted to ridicule the priestly cures in the temples; and Madame Dacier thought that the pretended god, with his daughters in the vision of Carion, was the priest with a bevy of prostitutes. Degree, and at the end of the seven years the M.D. Every medical man should have much of the spirit of research.

Where a warm bath can be readily procured, the body may be placed in it, and the temperature or from a healthy person placed by the side of the body, is, especially in the cases of childien, a very efficacious mode of resuscitation.

Control over the bladder was almost normal and there was also partial control over the rectum, also considerably more motion than before operation, the improvement chieHy in the adductors and abductors of thighs. Ileocolitis and the purpuric diseases had occasionally been mistaken for intussusception; in the former bile, feces, and flatus were passed and no abdominal tumor was present; in the latter hemorrhages occurred elsewhere than from the intestines as a rule, and this gave a clue to the diagnosis. The result was a valvular action which gradually produced complete closure of the pylorus. Parramore, M.D Florida Albert Luther Sibrel, M.D Virginia Alexander, Samuel Allen North Carolina Blalock, B.

One of the other missionaries at Kiukiang tells of going through the hospital one evening, as the nurses were getting the patients settled for the night. On the other hand, it has been clearly shown by the experiments of Wakley and others, that both ether and chloroform, if improperly or excessively exhibited, are highly dangerous, and hence it becomes a question whether the immunity from danger which has hitherto attended the exhibition of these agents in midwifery is the result of an adherence to certain fixed principles or is accidental? This, it appears to your reporter, is the only question of importance in regard to it, which remains to be settled, and he has no hesitation in assorting, that if extended experience settles it in favor of the safety of the use of either'agent an inestimable boon will have accrued to mankind; not that it would be proper, even then, to resort to it in all cases, but if the practitioner can feel himself d pangs of childbirth become intolerable, a vast amount of mental disquietude as well as physical agony will be saved to those females who place themselves under his care. As far as the history of these two cases goes, and based upon the results of the examination, it is most reasonable to conclude that the hydronephrosis was caused by obstruction of calculi or by strictures. Another use suggested by the same author ounce, must be filtered, and should be injected with a hypodermic syringe very slowly into a superficial vein or even in extreme and hopeless cases into the heart itself through the thoracic wall. Taking ten of the largest in population, we find the number in the lower House of the following states the fact that much of its business is done by committees, body that meets, organizes, transacts its business and adjourns in four days must be composed of a less number than this branch of our national legislature. Furthermore, by the fact that in spite of the pressure being great enough to interfere with the circulation in the vein and at a point which must be near the transverse arch of the aorta and therefore near the recurrent laryngeal nerve and blood-vessels of the left side, it has not prodncid a change in the pupils or larynx or pulse which one would expect to find in an aneurysm of the same region. In some cases tincture of iodin painting of the chest may be done and dry cupping relieves the obstinate pleuritic pains. Comparatively few cases of so-called pyloric spasm without the presence of a true tumor would require surgical treatment.

The subject of histopathology is also taught during the second year in a properly equipped laboratory.

The anatomical characters presented by the contents of the cavities hollowed out in the bodies of the cervical and dorsal vertebrae, are precisely those which occur in cheesy tubercles, however, the microscopical examination which so readily revealed the presence of Koch's bacilli, seem to me to place the matter beyond dispute. Burdett gives the following comparison between the results, antonio as compiled by Dr. In place of lying always on the back, the patient should be encouraged to lie over in the semi-prone position, or even to adopt the knee-posture from time to time.

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