- publication Between Vision and Traffic Safety. This, had a rare case of idiopathic, monocular hemeralopia. The idea conveyed in these various functions of the medical man so widens out, that we are driven at last to ask the question, what is the relation of the medical man to the public at large? What is the origin of his existence, and what, in fact, is his raison d'itre.' Slow Progress of Disease. As might have been expected, however, the growing reputation of the sage awakened in time the envy of his brethren of the Franciscan order, and the fears of the ministers of an idolatrous and deceitful religion; who anticipated, in the increasing illumination to which his lectures gave birth, the approaching exposure of their own system of imposture, and the termi nation of their unholy gains. It was tliouRht by C'allisen, a Danisli surgeon al the end of tlie last centurj-, tliat it would be better to po Into the loin and gi't furtlier away from the disease, and to do oporntion: and it was not until the year isai that Amussat eolotomy. She eventually Tlie second case in which I adopted the hypodermic administration of strychnine was that of a chronic dipsomaniac wlio liad symptoms of delirium tremens and cardiac weakness (bill). While the syphilitic sperm is not inoculable when it impregnates an ovum, it is capable of generating a syphilitic fetus, which will in turn, through the placental circulation, contaminate the mother.

In the second case the main operation was preceded by ligature of the lingual arteries, a tracheotomy, and the insertion of Trendelenberg's tampon-canula. The vacancy in the assistantphysicianship was filled up at a meeting of the managers, held on Monday, by the appointment of Dr. The tumor occupied the outer and mesial region of the lobe, corresponding to the neighborhood of the superior frontal gyrus. Farquliarson intended to represent the opinion of the medical profession in Scotland, then I regret to say he has completely failed in his The opinion of the medical profession in Scotland lias been fully and emphatically expressed on this matter through the various corporations and societies.

The permanence, severity, and type will much depend upon the vicious strength of the inherited degenerative tendencies behind the evolution of the individual's nervous and psychical growth, which we commonly call character. Decalcification which are produced principally by the fermentation of the carbohydrates. Hence the doubt still remaining as to whether the dilatation would have necessarily ended fatally in other less grave conditions." I operated upon a young man for appendicitis between attacks, removed it without difficulty and all went well for three days with the excejition of a little vomiting, after which the vomiting became constant and furious. She immediately jiasscd a mass, easily OTamme, and consisted of hepatic tissue infected with tho eggs of Bilharzia h:eraatobia. By it the gums are kept dry, their functions destroyed and the way paved for catarrhal inflammation. Here, observation and reasoning meet in the nicest harmony, and he will be the most scientific and the most successful practitioner who possesses, in due proportion, the quick eve and the calm judgment, and who most skilfully avoids the opposite errors of imperfect or inaccurate observation, and hasty or erroneous deduction. The prognoeig in these cases of course varies with the clinical ilrvelopments.

The positive pole of a constant current battery being applied to the nape of the neck by means of a flat sponge electrode, the negative pole is applied directly to the nasal membrane by means of a piece of common copper wire, around which has been loosely wrapped a pledget of absorbent cotton, saturated with lukewarm water. The operating room is exceedingly well lighted, the tables are all of enamelled steel, and the general equipment such as is required for aseptic surgical work. These cases are most frequent on Saturday night, when pay the drinking is heaviest.

Examination showed some tenderness and slight rigidity over the appendix.

All this is much insisted Government of India, denies that cholera is ever propagated by human intercourse, a dootiine which llnds little acceptance with the best sanitary authorities in this country. A specimen of the milk examined showed only micrococci innocuous to guinea-pigs. Headaches were not present to any remarkable degree, and ho said that in every way, but for his sight, he was as well as ever slow way of speaking, which may not have been natural.

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