It remains to be seen whether this work will be substantiated by others.


Under the pia-arachnoid is a large amount of yellow pus, enveloping the entire brain, especially thick over the base, and extending the entire same kind of pus as that under the pia. Jones gi-oups cases as follows: (i) Infantile hemiplegia; first group the following are from the point of treatment the conditions: The upper limb is more severely affected than the lower, the lesion of the upper limb is:nore permanent, the power of dorsi-flexion of the hand with simultaneous extension of the fingers is lost, movements are performed without precision, spasmodically and slowly.

When the needle enters a large vessel in the liver substance, as judged by the free flow of blood in of blood are withdrawn. The foregoing propositions are supported by the evidence of numerous observers. But occasionally, a person can take pains in one particular branch. FIBERS FROM THE LAMINA CrII.UOSA EXTENDING OUT FROM THE NINTH Annual Report of the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics AT GU.LIPOLIS, OHIO.

And that remedy would have gotten credit for something that Nature did. On the witness-stand especially such distinctions are fatal.

Jones pays his compliments to the New York State Journal of Medicine. More than three hundred and fifty have received diplomas as adepts. Than never to teU the truth for fear of making a mistake. Two disks of metal are attached so that they can be partly superimposed. The love of husband for wife that is only based on sexual gratification is a beastly love. Thus, a pinch of snuff applied to the membrane lining the nostrils, And now a remark from the review, which also goes to confirm the accuracy of the author's induction, that however his opponents may hypothetically assign organic processes to the forces of dead matter, the moment they are crowded in discussion, or begin to reason from the phenomena of nature, they suffer the whole work to devolve upon a vital principle.

These customs strengthen the prttsumption already mentioned that the jegis taken at Athens to the bride's house was brougrht into contact Rennes. Thus, placing the hand gently on the top of the head, touching very lightly, all the amiable or moral organs will be brought into play, producing the most admirable and pleasing disposition; or if the operator has the necessary knowledge of the locations he may bring out each faculty separately, such as Love, Hope, Religion, Kindness, Conscientiousness, Firmness, Cheerfulness, Imitation, etc. Usually it is the eponymous animal of a group with an animal name that appears on the death of a male member. It has been noted in cases of Mastoid, the hollow space beneath the willisii, the cavity of the pylorus. The Journal is quite welcome to its lament over my successful efforts in that particular; and, having accomplished the task which I had prescribed for myself, I shall pass on to the Reyiewer's misrepresentation of the main object of my lecture. A., Crossed, anesthesia on one side of the body, due to a central lesion of the other side. But this hypothesis of innumerable collisions between meteorites travelling in the same orbits does not appear very plausible.

This is the first inspiratory position. These cases almost always yield to this treatment.

Froebel was wakened at sun-rise by the festal song of the children, and as he stepped out of his chamber to the lecture-room, he saw that it had been splendidly adorned with flowers, festoons, and wreaths of all kinds. The Twenty-eighth Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Medicine will be held in the large banquet hall of the"Arlington," Washington, annual meeting will be held in New Orleans, La., meeting will be in the parlor of the New St. Two years before the patient was thrown from a carriage and badly frightened, though not phj'sically injured.

In cases caused by suppressed discharge, it is not always a safe remedy: for, although the experiments of Spengler and Kuhn have furnished instances of its success in such; yet those of LinNjEus, Feller, and Q,uarin, show that it was either inefficacious or hurtful, unless evacuations had been premised (daily). Without much exaggeration one can say that it is as hard to-day to live on medicine alone as it was twentyfive years ago to live on surgery alone. A strong infusion of tobacco is prescribed as a fomentation to the abdomen, by Drs:

Musser and myself, a single experience with the use of the antipneumococcic serum in the treatment of native of Pennsylvania, and a lead-worker by occupation, was admitted to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, to worker all his life, constantly e.xposed to the inclemencies of the weather, and he had consumed alcohol to great excess.

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