At first there had been loss of blood from the bowels at intervals and during defaecation, but of late the bleeding had occurred daily, to the amount of two or three ounces.

The rolling arrangement can be removed from the sides of the box and kept in the same when not in use.

While all authorities agree in regard to the application of the term puerperal fever, the theories of its origin have been innumerable, and to-daj' there are questions concerning it which it remains for the future to decide.

If the blood does not go up to the brain, I may bring the brain down to the blood." I therefore placed my head flat on the table, looking sideways at the paper, and began to write easily. Hancock, however, the Angustura bark is derived from Qalipm'a in the Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Tamplin gives the following statistics to show the relative frequency of club-foot to other deformities, two (-'Adams on Club-foot"), the question, whether the deformity is congenital or has been acquired after birth, is of great importance; for although the treatment is similar, the prognosis, both as regards tlie duration of the treatment, and the ultimate usefulness of the foot after the removal of the deformity, is much more favorable in the congenital than in the non-congjuital variety. The special officer here suggested should devote his entire time to the duties, and thus be enabled to undertake the supervision of the children in the whole of the schools of the county, and in some few cases the charge of even a larger area.

He thanked the Society for its favorable treatment of him, and said that while he had labored to faithfully discharge his duties, the unprecedentedly large meeting this session was mainly due to the effijrts Dr. Cartilages, Interabticular, are such as are situate within the joints, as in the knee joint Cartilages of Ossifica'tiow are such as, in the progress of ossification, have to form an integrant part of bones; as those of the long bones in "" the new-born infant They are termed temporary; the others being permanent. ILLUSTRATED An effort has been made in the following pages to collect as many facts as possible regarding the rise of medical science in this country. Brachial Plexus, Plexus Brachia'lis, is a nervous plexus, formed by the interlacing of the anterior branches of the last four cervical pairs and the first dorsaL It is deeply seated in the hollow of the axilla, and extends as far as the inferior and lateral part of the neck.

Odour aromatic; taste strong, bitter, astringent Not rolled; often without the epidermis, which is very thick and inert; light, friable; fracture fibrous. Age, heredity, nervous shock or strain, neuralgia, injury to the scalp, and all debilitating diseases, are predisposing causes of canities.

JIany instances have been observed in which a similar event has occurred in our own latitude before the appearance of the menses. Thus, in the secondary nodules in the liver, the liver cells are never converted into those of the tumor. Price has not said verj' much about his own locomotion. Combining as it does, therefore, the qualities of and high alkalinity, it is valuable as an oxalic or sulphuric acid, because of the great insolubility of the salts it makes with these several acids. In time of peace the conditions simulated are usually simple, and the claims as to their existence are not long continued. He was a surgeon in the Continental army, was made prisoner at the capture of Charleston by the British, and died shortly after his release.

How is it with heat production? Wc knoAV that the nervous system controls the dominates this control'!' If so, how'? Are there centres which cause an increased oxidation of food with increased production of heat'? Are there centres which inhibit this oxidation and thus decrease heat production'? Are there specific nerves through which.such centres act on the tissues? It is in theexperiiuental investigations relative to these questions that the calorimeter has been most employed in physiology ( The acclimation of troops in a malarious country that the morttility increases with the length of the sojourn. Medical Paris of To-day is the subject of a series of very interesting letters, which Mr. It has been demonstrated in a few animal cells, and in plant cells it is easily observed, the streaming of the cytoplasm being an example. They also frequently form a small gangliform swelling on the under part of the artery Carotid Plexus, see Carotid nerve. He thought the operation should plate was exhibited to the Society; it had three incisor teeth attached, and a place for a fourth. Internally of a cinnamon colour. He considered that the tubercle bacilli are capable of causing the disease without the assistance of any other factor, provided that a sufiiciently that tuberculous parents transmit to their offspring organs which are easily acted on by such agents as the tubercle bacillus; in other words, organs which have a less resisting power than those of robust individuals.

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