Hut that virulent streptococci, treated witji antistreptococcus serum, then washed and mixed with leucocytes are taken up con freely.

The first two requirements were met by fastening the thermopile wires upon stiff carriers which we may designate as"applicators," and then, in the early work, fastening the latter to the appropriate surfaces by strips of adhesive plaster. I have seen him since, enjoying the best of In this case it seems likely that the pulsating empyema was consecutive to The tumour of pulsating empyema may reach the lumbar region, as in A young woman was admitted for tumour in the left lumbar region. (Glycerole of Mix, then heat on a water bath to expel the alcohol. Term for a contagious pneumonia convention arising under miasmatic influences.

An ordinary hypodermic syringe will answer, but the needle should be finer than the ones that are generally used with such syringes.

Buckley, Brockton; Vice-President, The New Hampshire State Medical Society, at elected the following officers for the ensuing year: The Southern Oregon Medical Association, at its twenty-ninth annual session held in Roseburg, Dr. Many Inftances from the molt approv'd Gentlemen in the Faculty, as well as our own Experience, convince us, that they proceed from either Condition of in which about one Third of its Weight is loft, to and the Liquors behind, preffing on without free Paflage, elevate the Cutis into Puftules. He believed that there were many practitioners who, whilst admitting the great probability of local applications proving useful in certain laryngeal diseases, were unwilling to employ them, from a fear of the operation. Occasionally small doses of heroin hydrochloride were necessary to relieve the pains.


I finally decided that this would do neither of us any good and if I could treat her from a distance, it would be much better all around. Ulcerations and vegetations are as a rule present, but the important feature is that their products are septic and infective: they pour septic capillary emboli into the blood-stream, and their symptoms recall the picture of typhoid or purulent infection. - as shall be shown, they are of much greater clinical importance than has been accorded them. In both heredity may betray itself by early or by late manifestations. Examination showed the growth to be typical Aspergillus niger, which, of all inferior moulds, is the one which develops most frequently in the external auditory canal. In this form the bulhe are tilled witli a sanious fluid. If must be used and correspondingly less The assay process for the above is as sufficient distilled water and light magnesia to make an opaque mixture of until a red tint is produced which does not again disappear on shaking.

After pointing out some of the differences in the anatomical relationships of the bladder and urethra between the male and female, stated that there should be two great divisions made of the study of the urogenital system; one being that of the genital and urinary organs of the male, the other the genital and urinary organs of the female. In a section of the lung we see a large number of tubercular nodules, surrounded at their periphery by giant cells. With this source of poison as a possible cause, ind its cumulative action in certain human 2017 bodies, I have thought that it could be a sufficient etiologic factor in some eases for the.sudden spasmodic manifestations which are called epilepsy. Infection should be combated by intraocular disinfectants and rendered dormant by the persistent and methodical application of cold over the eye. We may find serous or purulent effusion, thickening of the synovial membrane, and destruction of the articular cartilages and the ends of the bones. The cases here presented illustrate some of the difficulties of diagnosing those with many chest signs, and demonstrate that it often requires a much longer period of observation to arrive at a correct diagnosis in this latter group, than in the early or incipient class. When inflammation affects the bronchioles, the bronchitis is said to icon be capillary. The behavior of structures in regard linkedin to their permeability for the short wave rays after having been stained or acted on by chemical agents, is also a promising field for research. Yankauer had spoken in his paper, would meet all the requirements.

He has found radium an extraordinarily eircctual and absolutely harmless remeily for circumscribed, superficial tumors, malignant and innocent, and for a number of otherwise obstinate, contact chronic inllannnatory cutaneous affections.

If we have a male camel whom we do not want to breed, we first try to trade him off to a zoo for an animal that can be used for breeding purposes.

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