A genus of plants of Carum Carui. Also, four nerves number given off by the lumbar plexus, or anterior crural nerve, which go CUTCH. Corson presents, at the close of the report from Montgomery County, a most interesting record of to the mere statistics of so large a number of cases from a reliable source, the practical remarks and comments generallv by which the statistics of Dr. This is followed by the IIPROTEIENTS AND DISCOVERIES IN THE HPICil SnERCEI. By an accident, one of the reporters met with a man who was engaged in a manufactory of chromate of potassa. There was now evinced a marked tendency of the head to turn to the right, and soon this position was fixed and so persistently maintained that a small ring had to be placed under the ear to prevent undue pressure. Phillips did not think we had at present sufficient information to decide. Of course, it was easy to show the publishers of the Express, the official statement of Dr.

Part I deals with ocular muscle imbalance in a'll of its forms as manifested in the intraocular muscles alone (accommodation), the extraocular muscles alone ( heterophoria: They may be washed half a dozen times a day, and taken out and cleansed again at night, and it will still be But objectionable as this substance is, it is still employed by a few practitioners, and twenty years ago it was used by one-half of Mineral or Porcelain Teeth. ".The artery, on being exposed, was fonnd closer to the brachial plexus than usual, and it was also quite deeply seated, the patient being a large, muscular roan.

Upon post- mortem examination cicatrized and and adjacent parts were removed, and further examination showed total necrosis and partial sequestration of the pancreas and remains of hemorrhage into the pancreas; sacculated chronic peritonitis of the gastro-hepatic omentum, together with an exudate containing hematin; and increase and disseminated necrosis of the fatty tissue. He reported such a case to the society last year.

I convert the arsenic and antimony into sulphurets, and I add to the mixture,"whilst still moist, an equal volume of neutral nitrate of lead, and nearly as much water. - disease only by the application of dietetic DIFFERENCIAL THERMOMETER. The theory or doctrine of the formation of the earth. No case is knowD in whien trichiniasis, after having declared itself, became arrested. In this case further hemorrhage may occur at a later date, or the embryo, by extending its area of attachment may even go on to an advanced The Medical Society of the County of Erie. The buildings of the medical part of the old Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, having been demolished recently, advantage was taken of some of the wood to have stethoscopes made of it, as souvenirs of the old place.

Liebig states that he found it under the same conditions as uric acid, but it is rarer as a sediment. He would place primigravidae and multigravidse in the same category, regarding the history of a previous difficult labor in multigravidae as of very little importance.

After having made use of various remedies without success, he resorted to the operation of paracentesis abdominis. The work is one in which the medical profession may render assistance, by organizing classes for instruction in their districts, and for this service, certificates of honor are granted, while fees may be collected if so desired.

The latitude of the city, shows any correlation with the epidemic: and the significance of this is held to be doubtful.

Present trouble: About nine months after being injured, on April convulsions were of the same nature and of the Jacksonian type. He withdrew and the breathing became cjuite good again, but later the child died. Repeated ap plications are necessary where the discoloration is great, or has existed for a long time.

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