It is more neat, more direct, more precise, altogether more apt than it used to be; and medical students should be better trained in this latter, as they are in the former respect. Hayem examined the blood and observed that the fibrin was greatly increased in quantity.

There is no other disease to be noticed beyond the prominent This patient has now recovered sufficiently to go from the hospital, at first on prolonged leave of absence, and later well.

There was real danger that the claims of science might injure the art of surgery.

A normal, living child which, however, was found to be desquamating freely on its body and extremities.

The technic is extremely simple, ofTering no difficulty whatever to one moderately skilled in the use of the cystoscope. O'Meara, of Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, the case subsequently did perfectly well, and no return of trouble has taken place. : Successive miscarriages, to a certain extent also persistent albuminuria and excessive bone proliferation resulting from an irritative nutritive process, suggest the presence of syphilis in a late form. Meeting of the Colorado State Medical Society, held in elected for the ensuing year: President, Dr. We are still obliged to confess our ignorance and to recur to the time honored statement that an epidemic influence has prevailed. The lessening of the knee jerks was equal in both legs in the entire series of eleven cases. If we can overcome this, and at the same time maintain the uniformity of delivery, one of our great problems will be solved.

Don't eat the bellows, for they are apt to make wind. The indications in these cases are for an early"The smoking flax before it burst to flame Was quenched by death, and broken the bruised reed." A dispatch from Basle, Switzerland, dated our city schools. He was given small pieces of ice and a little iced champagne, and two subcutaneous injections of a gramme of ether were administered at an interval of twenty to thirty minutes. Not require any preparation, but can be frozen at once; but they are of very little use for class purposes.

A total loss of both power and feeling would imply a cessation of the action of the whole hemisphere of one side, and would carry with it also a complete aphasia.

The adhesions to the edge of the alidomina! wall were not disturbed. The wound has not' The posterior incision is now about entirely closed, three months of March a small opening was still present below the coccyx, which communicated with the rectum and marks the spot at which the rectal sutures gave way. The"New York Times" lately took a step "" decidedly in advance of the ordinary run of newspaper medicine. Three types of laxatives only are allowable in these cases, viz., salines, blue mass, or calomel in small doses, and castor oil.

Vaginal tampons had to be introduced to control the hemorrhage, and were continued until ovum was expelled from the os uteri, when all afflicted with malarial neuralgia, and had taken from twenty to thirty-six grains of quinine per day to control the paroxysms. But the author has included so many subjects which can hardly be considered as involving emergencies that the directions given are as a rule meager and insufHcient.

Plantar flexion is possible to one hundred and thirty degrees. Arterial extension must be present if we are to have good circulation. In some cases the diagnoses can be made only by exploration.

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