To say that medical men h.avo no real interest in their long aud slowly-lcarnU knowledge, aud aro mere channel pipes to convey it to -Mr. This type of legislation, while superficially laudable inasmuch as it proposes to raise the standard of American motherhood, and to provide a better chance for American babies, is in itself vicious for several reasons. A smear containing the bacteria, dry it, then fix it in a flame. "One of the speakers called attention to and perhaps criticised the teaching which is done in the medical schools.

Of course, such scientific bureaus are generally only helped bv their the department itself, and this depends upon the opinion of a cabinet officer who is usually ignorant of science. Bulletin of the New York State Department of Health a study is reported of the mortality in cases of diphtheria in New York. MURPHY, of Chicago, delivered an address on The surgery of the lung. Physical examinatUm, The patient has an elongated frame. If the tendon suture is under "" even slight tension, a fine Kirschner wire should be inserted from the tip of the finger into the middle phalanx, holding the distal joint in extension. Thus the surgeon achieves a major goal, namely a stronger wound earlier. The brain showed nothing but slight edema. Only in such cases need revaccination be done. "Xegatively the use of Case of trephininpr for a tasal lesion, the condition beinp diagnosed from the encourage the performance of that operation in similar cases, and widen the basis whereby it is rendered justifiable. The pure contagionists have thrown over the doctrine of heredity, or have considered its influence of minor account. If our scientists could find something pleasant that prevents something, something that would allow us to eat what we want rather than something we like, we would be farther "" along. The general weakness and restlessness developed with the onset of bronchopneumonia. Give it me; my sword shall soon dispatch it. Wonderful as they are, are they much more so than the ability and utility found in connection with what may be accomplished with the pen? The pen and printing press are grandest after all. It is held, therefore, that a man who was formerly a tailor and has lost a toe is entitled to compensation even though such loss does not interfere with his work, because before he was a soldier he could have taken up, if he chose, some job iu which a perfect foot was a necessity. The indications, however, are that such measures, to have any value, must be begun before or early in the operation.

They now had other methods to determine whether they were dealing with the bovine or human German, English, and other observers. Grossly, the surgical specimen showed deep linear ulcerations, especially in the ascending portion of the colon.

The departure of our recent work consisted in the surrender of nosological dogma for greater interest in the dynamic interpretation of the disorders out of the psycho-biological material at hand as preferable to a dogmatic assumption of a hypo thetical unitary toxic principle. The autopsy confirmed this suspicion. Hence it becomes axiomatic that no operation should be performeil on the nerve for the relief of paralysis, etc., in the presence in the tissues of microorganisms.

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