This opinion was expressed by James Lind more than a liiindred years ago, and is now held by most English and French anthorities, as Horner, Sir Joseph Fayrer, Duncan, Jousset, Dutroulau, Corre, and others. An incision made between the fifth and seventh costo-sternal articulations avoids the pleura and pericardium. We should, therefore, point them out to the public in the same manner as we would point out to the unwary traveller the alligator that lies in wait to destroy him. Ulcers at the junction of the foreskin and head of the penis; two of considerable size, and almost symmetrical in their situation and shape; the others quite small. Could only make himself understood by his daughter's assistance. The pulse is reduced in force and frequency by large doses of tartar emetic.

This stanza and the following one I give in Mr.

Slight vomiting occurred, when the patient slept quietly nearly an hour and a half. If the patient be in good health, as in this the sole survivor of the famous AVyoming massacre, which occurred during the Revolutionary war, is still living with her son, Dr. From this study it would appear that contact with infected individuals or carriers plays an important role in the spread of pneumonia, and if, therefore, the number of carriers of virulent pneumococci in a command could be reduced, there should follow a corresponding reduc tion in the number of cases of pneumonia. On making an incision along the side of the larynx and trachea, we found that the parts which had surrounded the removed gland had healed kindly, and were in a healthy condition. In experimental animals one could study a single factor at a time.

The infant has since died Supernumerary Fingers.

"We must appeal to the past as a guaranty for the future, simply adding, that for the present we shall give the work more undivided attention, and expect to perfect its business department, and continue to add to the value of its literary The stimulus we need is money. It was with but a portion of my original self that I went through these preparatory processes. Grasp the patient's arms just above the elbows; and draw the arms gently and steadily upwards, till they meet above the head (this is for the purpose of drawing air into the lungs), and keep the arms in that position for two seconds. I am credibly informed that men in this city have endeavoured to solicit the operative work of practitioners upon the frankly stated basis of a fifty-fifty division of the fee, and I have personally been solicited by a general practitioner to state what percentage he might expect to receive upon referred cases. Moreover, as each part of the body is not only related to the body as a whole, but also to every other part, so different branches of science are in the same way not only related to science that is, to exact knowledge as a whole; but also to all the other sciences. There is another means which the moral sense repudiates, and in which the debauchee has great confidence: this, undoubtedly, often serves as a security against infection; but, as was observed by a woman of much esprit, it is a cuirass against pleasure, and a cobweb against danger.

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