Grimaud de Caux and Martin Saint Ange advise the reading of mathematical treatises as one of the most effectual means of sub duing excessive venereal excitement. The fact that in a certain proportion of these cases of so-called" benign" sympathetic affections there is no return to the normal after the enucleation of the primarily affected aggravation upon the presence of the primarily injured eye. They say the larger the incision the greater the mortality. We have not had the curiosity to examine the first edition, published in The subject of ametropia, or of the disorders of refraction, is, of course, almost entirely new; and Mr.

The walls of the cyst were adherent on all sides. Abdominal tenderness, except in epigastric and hepatic regions, usually absent in the former, are present in the latter; we also have the iliac gurgling. He had now been under my charge for twenty days, and I felt confident that a week or two longer would complete the cure. Two or three of their brothers had died of consumption, consequently the ladies harbored a morbid dread of having ere long to die the same lingering death of their brothers.

The force of gravitation is constant and the larger and denser the body the stronger the force, Then too, we have the force of electric it, v in the universe is in motion and governed by force of one kind or another, or by two or more forces combined. I shrink from exposing any one to this trial, except as a matter of stem necessity; and after what I have seen abroad it must be a stem necessity indeed which makes me counsel a patient to throw up for ever home duties, and live and die in a strange land." We offer this quotation partly for its truthfulness and partly the indefatigable, we may remark, had the same view as to work expressed in his motto.

Under these circumstances it sometimes occurred that, on the addition of water, the whole granular mass of such a cluster became transformed into a large sphere containing two, four, or more nuclei. By Henry In literature and in life, in our estimate of books or men, we are, virtually, if not confessedly, led to ask two questions regarding the did he aim, by what standard of excellence does he wish critics or or his life attained to the eminence or approached the standard. (This latter supposition is supported by the frequency of the occurrence of the lesion in females.) Fractures of the bones of the hand, however, were very uncommon, and this is not surprising when one reflects that their frequency at the present day is due to crushes by machinery and to various trade accidents. There was considerable, apparently rheumatic, pain in the small and which seemed to be reviews benefited by salol. A second edition of the book was issued in August of last year. If this should fail, then, according to the nature of the case in other respects, natural evolution may be awaited, or the forceps or perforator may be required. The strength of the current should not be such as to cause much pain, but should fall just short of doing so. J., easy, conceiving that intermittent attacks are the Slime liapi)ens in the ))athfilogical case? Doubtless the mode in which these is paralyzed; the same occurs in diabetes.

To find a sanitarium free from diarrhoea, we need not, then, avoid a great elevation; and to obtain one beyond the reach of malaria, in the Himalayas at least, we must take an elevation of the known relation between a high temperature and the production of malaria, and a low temperature and its disappearance, he will be disposed to admit that it is only in the higher and colder flights of air one can look for an atmosphere free from the malarious poison. In the acquired type the thickening of the cortex is often so marked on one side of a long bone, as the tibia, as to cause it to bend, tlyis giving rise to the so-called saber-shaped bone. The ovum was a placental mass, an inch and a-half broad and above half an inch thick. Elsing, on examining the head, found a depressed fracture. The face was so swollen that there was no appearance of nose nor something, and being a bold operator, made several deep incisions, by which the blood and air were evacuated. In cases with a gradual onset the result was, in In those cases which have had previous attacks the prognosis is less favorable, and was as follows, In those cases which recover the hallucinations become gradually less prominent until they finally disappear altogether, the patient eventually having insight into his past condition. The The pancreas and suprarenal seemed normal. Such wash may also be applied to the tongue to Escharotics are not strictly remedies, but as the surgical knife, may be applied to the surface for the destruction of abnormal growths. If this be a case of from? Is it a case of placenta praevia? If coupon not a Is it hydatids? or is it epithelioma? I could not hear the foetal heart, neither could I, from palpation, make out pregnancy. The influence of medicines by absorption is slower but more permanent.

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