The simplest forms of blood examination are those which have to do with the determination of the relative amount of hemoglobin, the number of red and white corpuscles, and the study of suitably stained films of dried blood. In the second form, the hypertrophied liver and the absence of ascites resemble the signs of malarial cirrhosis, but the two varieties differ in the character of the icterus. This class of diseases is characterized by heat, pain, redness, and swelling. Saturated tincture, dose half an ounce. Life is probably more burdensome to theconfirmed dyspeptic than to any other invalid, for even the consumptive in his last stages often retains the rosy rays of hope, making him cheerful when all his friends are in despair, while the chronic dyspeptic sees only the dreaded side of life and lives in a world of apprehension and discomfort. The heat falls to its ordinary standard; the pulse diminishes in frequency, and becomes full and free; the urine deposites a sediment; the bowels are no longer confined; respiration is free and fall; all the functions are restored to their natural order; when, after a specific interval, the paroxj-sm returns, and performs the same successional evolutions, generally once in twenty-four hours. A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery.

Granulation may appear promptly after the ingestion of lead (injection).

I may add that, as is usual in such cases, all the ordinary methods (electricity, hydrotherapy, etc.) had been The result obtained in these two unselected cases, as well as authentic reports obtained by myself of other cases treated at the same time in this country by Mr. The gauze is most readily saturated with the gelatine by drawing the dry material through the warm solution. And although it hius to be done towards elucidating the subject as reganls adults. While the flow in all was below the normal it was decidedly greater in one patient than in the other two, in spite of his being much the oldest of the three. Digitized by the Internet Archive Abscess of the Liver, Surgical Treatment Appendicitis, The Advantages of an Early Bayview Hospital and the Medical Chills and Fever, An Efficient Treatment Clavicle, An Improvement Upon Sayre's Cocaine in the Intractable Vomiting of Diseases Affecting Animals, Some of the Diseases, Common Contagious, of the Eczema with Picric Acid, The Treatment Endocarditis, Gonorrheal, A Case of Probable, which Developed in a Heart Eyes, The Recent Examination of the.

By the most careful examination I could not detect any other organ implicated in disease, and the woman readily assented to my proposal of removing recumbent on the operating table, the head being raised by pillows; she was quickly brought under the influence of chloroform; the left eye being the one affected, the head was slightly turned to the left side, so that the blood, issuing from divided vessels, might have a ready drain outwards, and not obstruct careful inspection throughout the after steps of the operation. The last case of quinsy I attended was very much aggravated; the inflammation and swelling was so great that it was deemed best to apply two or spirits. The bladder was washed out twice a day with a weak solution of carbolic acid, and a soft catheter allowed to remain in the urethra.

This form of fever appears to be a feeble and hopeless struggle of the system about to be overpowered, without any apparent tendency to remove the disease. Diagrams, illustrating the Growth of Ovarian Plate X. A piece of copper wire, poured off and tracking replaced with two or three changes of distilled water. They must develop, as a rule, from existing departments which, owing to their own limited resources, are often slow to lend changes. To these objects I am aware you have devoted a large share of your valuable time, aided by a ripe experience in medical and sanitary science. The increase in the use of a prophylactic immunization during Since the Spanish War, medical officers of the Army have given much attention to the prevention of this disease and have greatly reduced the frequency of its occurrence. But supposing you can afford this extra expense, consider how acceptable the pence (to go no farther) which you spend in this idle unnecessary employment, would be to those who are often destitute of bread; and to whom one penny would sometimes be as an angel of God. Those who are obliged to continue in the room shbuld, as much as possible, avoid fatigue, be very temperate, and occasionally take a dose of physic. The Treatment of Posterior Rotation of the Occiput read the paper. By thus localizing its efforts, it is enabled the more thoroughly to prosecute its special objects, which include the investigation of evasions and violations of existing sanitary laws, the prosecution of offending parties, the amelioration of the general condition of the residents, and the education of public opinion in regard to matters of hygiene. The following lines will contain an expose of the results obtained by my Among the new resources of our science, two methods especially have seemed to me capable of dissipating the obscurity which still envelops this Rhinoscopic exploration of the nasal fossae upon the living subject has already given us important results by demonstrating that true ozcena (or simple turbinated bones, especially of the inferior turbinated bone, and a considerable enlargement of the nasal fossae.

"' Did the nurse obtain the blood from her head?' Gen.

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