If any one, deceived by the puffing of the self-styled doctors, falls a victim to their ignorance, the law kindly allows a prosecution for mal-practice I An irreparable injury, or even death itself may be the result of this ignorant interference, and what atonement then does the prosecution of an irresponsible man afford? In regard to Medicine, every one must look out for himself. Walking down stairs seemed to be a resistance exercise, and had undoubted value in cases of weak heart with a tendency to hypertonia. But there is a character of deep and awful grandeur:s well as of affecting pathos in the bitter uncertainty which envelopes the fate if so many human beings. This did give occasion to many pretty wishes as of the blood of a for the amending of bad blood by borrowing from a better body." The Dr. It has taken us from the restricted field of"operations of necessity" to the boundless one of"operations of election." The apprehension of pain no longer deters a patient from seeking relief in the early stages when benefit may be most confidently expected; the absence of pain and the reduction of shock permit the surgeon to do more accurate as well as more extended work.

Some recent investigations by Benedict and Torok, reported in the Zeitschrift fiir klinisclic in diabetics this is a fact, although control experiments in nondiabetic patients were by no means conclusive. If one watches for the discusses the relation of alcohol to living protoplasm, pointing out that it is a normal product of metabolism of the yeast fungus; that it belongs to the class of substances that are completely metabolized and is passed out because its existence is destructive to the livmg cell; in short, that it is an excretion toxic to the organism that produces it. The skin was preijarcd with iodin and alcohol. - probably the best method is the use of salvarsanized serum fortified with from one-tenth to one-half milligram of salvarsan. The procedure, for example, may yield negative results n the presence of positive spinal fluid findings.


The enamel of the teeth shows transverse furrows and small holelike defects. Were it otherwise, the attending or family physician could not call in a consultant without the fear being before his eyes of losing the charge of his patient. The whole barley-corn, ground for the purpose, should be used for small children, because of the protein being mostly contained inside and near the very husk. PROFESSOR OP PATHOLOGY, UN'IVEKSITY OF TEXAS, MEDICAL DEPAUlMEN'i.

But place him at the bed-side a stricture case, with only such evcry-day appliances as the general practitioner in the country has it at his command it is not so easy a matter.

Such a meeting, we conceive, could have an excellent influence, both in imparting renewed zeal to the gentlemen who for so long a time have worked under adverse circumstances to bring something out of the task allotted to them; and also to impress the members of the Legislature with the importance of the work. It may be administered, therefore, in a great many painful affections, in which insomnia is a pronounced feature.

Since we have mentioned the bladder and stone, it would appear that this is the place to speak of the operation which we are obliged to practice on those who are attacked with stone, when a cure can not otherwise be effected: for no haste must ever be made to perform this dangerous operation, neither must it be executed at all seasons or ages, nor in all kinds of cases, but only in the spring, and on children from nine to fourteen years of age, and when the suffering is so great that, not yielding to other remedies, the patient is continually After having thus presented the indications which establish the necessity of operating, Celsus describes, with great detail, the sole operaive proceeding known in his time, and designated by modems under the name of minor operation, petit appareil. Early in January the Nevada sailed with the Atlantic Fleet battleships for the winter cruise in southern waters, having on board an excess of consequence of their unseasoned physical condition, together with the attendant overcrowding, admissions to the sick list for such ailments as mumps, measles, and follicular tonsillitis were more than might ordinarily be expected. For a portion of the year such a scheme was tried out in the squadrons moored at the East Santn Fe wharf.

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