They are both kidney irritants and eontraindicated in renal disease.

The drinking of cold water, beer, or other liquids at the same time may add to the disturbance, or may alone suffice to bring springfield on an attack. Conant also referred to a case of operation for the removal of encephaloid disease of the throat The patient was sixty-seven years of age, and the disease had only made its appearance five months previous, but in that time its rapidity of growth was such as to fill up almost the entire faucial orifice. The onset of tetany is a serious complication and one of grave omen.

More than half the issue of the Presse is devoted to this report, whose conclusions are: i. They enlarge excessively, and, by encroaching constantly upon the little islets or spaces between become dilated into wide sinuses, which communicate freely with the enlarged vessels of the muscular walls of the uterus. The intracapsular fractures, unless they are impacted, often result in non-union. Abstinence from food during the six-hour period should also be maintained. Marfan adds a valuable contribution to this subject in his description of an acute affection characterized by incessant vomiting and by acetone in the urine. For his experiments he used rabbits and guinea pigs, which fatal doses, in others single non- fatal doses, and in still others series of non-fatal doses. Brumby, and the Board of Trustees for the constructive liaison extern program ( MECO ) which has been established in partnership with the pre-registration hospital association and the University Medical Center.

The size of the abscess varies very considerably in different cases; it may be as small as a man's fist or larger than a child's head, and contain several pints of pus. The latter finding is not uncommon however, in the normal When physical findings banquet suggest the possibility of hip dysplasia, x-ray examination must always be performed. He"Under these circumstances it clearly appeared no time was to be lost, and therefore, as they could not swallow anything I determined to inject an emetic into their stomachs. Here is a source of disease, as will be presently seen.

When he got out on the street he felt dizzy and confused, not knowing exactly which way to turn to go home. It is We are naturally much interested in the development of our local training school, and will four years after the Boston City, and along the lines"of that school, its standard has been liigh, its work efficient, and its growth rapid. Three peti tions for restoration were read, and the following committees were appointed to consider The president nominated and the Council elected these delegates and alternates to the House of Delegates of the American Medical In the same manner, W. It is an insect of rapid but stealthy flight and quite difficult to catch: An extension of a serous fold from the appendix to the ovary (appendiculo-ovarian ligament of Clado) is of possible etiological importance. Of course, where the air is warmed before being introduced, these dimensions can be diminished, until -as in the tropics, where a large portion of the ward is open day and nijrht and the building approaches open air conditions, almost any dimensions can be"The Angel of the Crimea," the late Florence Nightingale, long since determined the fact that wards containing from twenty to thirty beds are the best in size for economy of service and it is now generally accepted that the number should be less Each ward should contain some rooms for single patients, so that there shall be a proper place for the very ill and dying, for the unconscious or delirious, for the noisy and for those recovering from anaesthetics. In addition to the above eleven cases they report the death of a three-months' babe from a primary meningococcus arthritis in the shoulder.

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