Various theories have been advanced as to the underlying disturbances of metabolism which cause the appearance of betaoxybutyric acid, diacetic acid, and acetone in the urine; but we must remain in ignorance of the real source of acidosis until a better knowledge of physiological chemistry is obtained.

As to the action by which this inward orifice of the womb is opened and shut, it is purely natural; for, were it otherwise, there would not be so many bastards begotten as there are; nor would any married woman have so many children. If the ulcers are deep, they will be benefited by dressing with lime water. In all cases, however, both the systolic and the diastolic pressures should be taken, for the drugs may affect one or the other or both, and may not always show the same effect in different cases. Angioneurotic edema is another condition which should be remembered, especially as such cases are sometimes fatal from sudden edema of the glottis. We do not claim that thinking" in percentages will make a man use percentages in feeding without thinking some, and that the more he thinks, the more he is likely to It has been charged that the percentage method of feeding prevents those who use it from adopting new ideas in infant feeding and from taking advantage of the advances in the knowledge of the subject This is distinctly not so. The case is unique, as but one specimen of atheroma of the kidney who had never suffered from any grave disorder or intermittent fever. Notwithstanding its small size, this book contains an aggregate of knowledge seldom equalled by more pretentious works, while the manner in which it is written renders its perusal as agreeable as it is instructive In the first edition of this excellent little work the author drew attention to the valuable aid afforded by pain and the nervous phenomena accompanying it in diagnosis.

If for fourteen days before the birth she do every morning and evening bathe and moisten her belly with muscadine and lavender water, the child will be much strengthened thereby. A., Congenital, that form existing from a reflex action upon the optic nerve following some remote source of irritation. In some respects they closely resemble the monads, in oiliors the sporozoa.

Clinical Picture of Primary Cancer of the came under his observation and he reports them in detail, discussing the various diagnostic signs; he concludes that while the diagnosis is extremely difficult in the majority of cases, yet a careful study of the symptoms together with the more modern diagnostic method will frequently reveal the disease.

His part of the sexual debauch consisted in intercourse with one of the inmates, after which he returned to the hotel, slept off part of his liquor, and the following morning had intercourse with his wife. The ejaculatory ducts may be saved even through the median perineal urethrotomy incision. The bed should be single, not too high, and the mattress should not be too hard. Contact - firft one fort called, thought inhabiting theforepai t of the br )in,tak( s,holds, and reprcfer ts the fhapes, Lt in at the windows of the fine me CdllrvPncrobrance, keep the hinder part of thchead, receive h ftill thofe fhapes in great plenty, and laycth them up as It were in a ftorthoufe, untill. Miss Black drew the required amount from her bank with a mingled feeling of privilege and fear; privilege that she, blessed among women, had been selected to restore a genius to health, and that fear of the proverbial rainy day which always looms up, like a cloud, when one is compelled to attack a savings account. Of the four things mentioned as necessary to and add cream, sugar and lime-water, the least essential probably is the use of milk sugar. The onset of the symptoms was acute with no subjective phenomena, except the inability to swallow. The diagnosis from progressive muscular atrophy was made by the fact that the paralysis preceded the muscular atrophy and attacked muscles and muscle groups at once, while in the latter muscular weakness and atrophy are simultaneous and fiber after fiber is destroyed slowly; its course also is therefore much more chronic than that of chronic anterior poliomyelitis. But some of these motor fibres of the auditory nerve pass to the ampulla in the semicircular canals, thus instituting an auditomotor connection between the internal ear, the cerebellum and the spinal cord. New Jersey has thus placed herself in line with Massachusetts, New York and some other States, in making open and active warfare against the deceptive and fraudulent and, frequently, hurtful practice of adulteration.

This part, known as the acid precipitate from portion B, gives the proteid reactions, but has not been closely studied, and will not receive further notice in this paper. Father has had hemiplegia for three months. In this report, mention should be specially made as to whether notification of the existence of the malady, should it prove to be contagious, has been made to the neighbouring localities. Within a few hours vomiting sets in and becomes incessant.

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