Clinics are given at the Providence Hospital, Children's Prof J. The worst case I ever had was that of a physician's child of five years, who was having petit and grand mal attacks almost all the time.

Physicians frequently report a progressive inefficiency from their continued use.

Sometimes cerebro-spinal symptoms predominate with convulsions and paralysis. The ordinary incandescent lamp with a single horseshoe loop, the ordinary loop filament, can not be adapted to our purpose by means of any mechanism I have been able to find. Gall or bile; a secretion found in the cystis fellea, or gall-bladder. Chemistry, a term used to denote the absence of hydroxyl or review of constitutional water. Hence, for the past two years he has spent the winter months in the south of France and in Rome, and the rest of the year in other parts of Europe, France, and the Eliza Theresa, daughter of Dr. " number of the Proceedings of the Medical Society ot by sodium salicylate grs. It never is in the line of a suture. ? I think not, for who knows what disease has in store for him who decides to treat an abscessed tooth? Does he not have to consider histology, anatomy, and the relation of the tooth, tlie cause and condition of the tissues, Must he not also consider the dangers of sepsis, all its resultants, leading to perhaps deformity, loss of structure, and xiossibly of life? Under these conditions can we.not urge that the students of to-day be more thoroughly taught if they intend to save and repair diseased organs? Does not the public understand the How many of the students of this period realize the fact that scientific medication is needed, and not the empiric use of one remedy in every case simply because his trawning has been derived from some respected and eminent teacher who prefers creosote to cloves-f or all conditions, and who to save himself the exjiense and trouble is content with it.

Smith's table operated at the clinic of the Jefferson Medical College Hospital. An affection of the vision, in which it is dull and confused in the dark, but clear and strong in the daylight. A characteristic sound of the heart, heard by means of the in composition it has an intensive burn). Who assisted in the operation on the child, and who assisted a,lso in dressing the wound afterward, took scarlet fever.

A tube containing some of these bacilli was now sterilized as much as was possible without injury to the contents, broken at both ends, dropped into glycerin bouillon, and shaken.

If the treatment which he took has done no real physical harm it has at least turned him from its doors a more discouraged man, and a less efficient man than he was before entering. The substance coupon yielding it is chondrigen, probably an in the absorption of cartilage. There was no assignable cause of its development. It should be re membered, however, that the thymus is very rich in nucleins and some have hinted that it might be a detriment to patients with a uric acid diathesis. After Stacke's operation I have been obliged to use a tiibe in the auditory canal for a short time to prevent stenosis.

One found a protozDon, the Cytorycetes variolje; another describes an intracellular flagellate body in the blood in the early fever of variola and vaccinia. The third, negligent acts upon the part of the physician or surgeon in treating a person by which such person may suffer death or unnecessary injury.

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