Occasionally diarrhoea existed; but this appeared to have no beneficial effect on the severity sometimes though rapid, it was not full. For Convalescent Patients During the Summer.

With these simple, well known facts in mind, we included the observation of the uric acid in the blood in our roentgen-ray study, believing that a temporary and possibly a permanent change could be produced in an individual exposed to the rays. With regard to the anatomical seat of megrim.

To avoid a laceration, he allows the child, whenever possible, to be expelled by the mother's effiarts. It was thoroughly tested last Peptenzyme differs in every essential feature from all digestive broducts in use, and is less expensive, considering its digestive power md properties. He concludes it to have been web-footed and a fish-eater. IN THE BASSES-ALPES IXODICIDE BATHS AND ESTIMATION OF ITS CONCENTRATION. Chronic rheumatism proved to be traumatic neuroses of joints.

On attempting-to relate this disturbance to some of the other factors known to influence chronic arthritis, we conducted a series of determinations on the tolerance during the ill health and convalescence of the same individual following various procedures. At the autopsy this proved to be the case.

Kidney: There are scattered throughout the cortex small areas of hemorrhage between the tubules and in Bowman's capsule. Prior to operation the cystoscope had shown, in the case just referred to, the mouth of the right ureter to be healthy; that of the left much ulcerated. This is a fact so well recognized that its very familiarity is producing contempt. The movement indicates an advance of the anterior lens-surface; and the diminution of size indicates, in accordance with optical laws, an increased convexity of and to this condition the eye always returns when the voluntary effort remains: all is definitely proved. Ever daring to suggest even amendment or Another curious thing about the thyroid modification of them to the slightest degree, secretion is, th:it its deficiency retards the The thyroid gland furnishes an active healing of bone fractures and its excess principle called iodothyrin, a constituent of stimulates the repair of bone lesions; but colliod found nowhere else in the body. He concluded that the globulins were increased in cardiac disease associated with decompensation and serous effusions, in pulmonary and respiratory affections (inflammatory and noninflammatory), in diabetes mellitus and in chronic parenchymatous nephritis.

The authors experimented with diphtheria, anthrax, pyocyaneus, and cholera, lu the case of anthrax the results were doubtful. As announced by the author, the new German anatomical nomenclature has been followed.

Autopsy showed that the pleura had been wounded, and the pus in the pleural sac had similar bacteriological characteristics to that in the pericardium.

In lesions of the peripheral portion of the motor tract we are dealing with the individual fibres which compose the various bundles above mentioned. When the inflammation caused by the light has abated, the bright red spot is bleached out and under this treatment may entirely disappear, email leaving the skin almost normal, only slightly pale, atrophic, and depressed a little below the level of the surrounding surface. The experiments of the Bureau of Animal Industry show that, apart from freezing Jour months in the soil, serves to render the bacillus harmless.

The symptoms in our old jargonaphasic patient "linkedin" remained practically stationary for months after our last clinic, and she died recently of pneumonia.

The after-treatment consisted only in the administration of a few mild opiates, and the The author next narrated briefly the particulars of three somewhat similar cases in which he had been consulted, and in which the intussuscepted bowel could be easily felt by the finger in the rectum. After a time, I tried again under chloroform, but could recognise nothing but a healthy bladder.

Acting on the supposition (probably intemporary, and subsides with the lessening correct) that the condition is one of pure of the hypertonus. A V-shaped flap was made over the upper part of the lung; the lung was incised and the bullet was extracted together with small foci of gangrenous lung tissue: the hemorrhage, which was slight, was controlled by gauze tampons, and free drainage was secured by the insertion of two medium-sized drainage-tubes. Apoplexy is, as the phrase goes,"only a symptom." It not only results from sudden and local damage to the brain," idiopathic" or traumatic, but from opium in large doses, and even from drink.

Arthur Ransome has kindly furnished me with a copy of curves of the weekly number of deaths from various diseases in Manchester, infinite pains and accuracy. Practically the entire contents of the abdomen, covered only by skin, some fat, and a greatly attenuated fascia, protrude through this opening Taking all the circumstances of the case into consideration, the following plan of operation seems best. After having become satisfied with the health of the kidneys, the coloring matter was injected into the pleural cavities of two patients having pleurisy, serofibrinous with effusion. A precedent in the recommendation of dental attention, when necessary, has already been pretty widely established on grounds of general prophylaxis alone, and the experience of the warring countries has shown that efforts at conservation of this nature would have added justification as continuation of the war made further demand on the available man power.

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