The aurum vitse, as well as the aurum potabile, is spoken of by Salmon, an English writer"The former of these preparations," he says," prevails wonderfully against dropsy, jaundice, plague, pleurisy, rheumatism, scurvy, leprosy, elephantiasis and French pox; for it purifies the blood, and strengthens the marrow in the bones, and radically drives forth all noxious matters or humours, out of the human body. His cases include some operated on as recently as six months ago, and while I do not wish to be pessimistic, I must say that few of the recurrences that have come under my observation have occurred within six months, and I suppose therefore that there are bound to be more among his cases later on. Whenever a member demonstrates standing as a practitioner and interest in medical problems he is quite sure to be in line for opportunities for work. We had had a little over six months of ranks stuck it out to the end.

Even so long ago as the days of Graves and Armstrong, the following wise rules were laid down for the use of alcohol in fevers, which might even yet be rememl)ered with profit. Board Chair Don Stephens received his first taste of legislative combat, and we were impressed with his strong the table. Even in first inoculations the typical result may not be attained. Hecatombs of animals have been immolated to determine their effects, and methods of prophylaxis and cure have been worked out.

It is important not to misunderstand the true relation of constitutional measures to surgical and mechanical treatment.

The unconsciousness which often results is usually followed by sleep from which the patient wakes within an hour or two in a normal condition. I, however, specially emphasize it here because I find that the most unreasonable expectations are afloat as to what may legitimately be expected from vaccine therapy.

Gradual, with malaise, dry cough and prostration.

As a consequence of these three stages it is claimed that a great afflux of phagocytes takes place toward the point of attack, both in purulent as well as in catarrhal inflammations; it is less seen in serous varieties, and, perhaps, not at all in infectious processes, the reason for this being that the infectious matters destroy the phagocytic function of the leukocytes, and hence the body has no protecting element against the enemy, and becomes the prey of the microbe ( Cave, MD, who in life exemplified the highest ideas WHEREAS, Doctor Cave served his patients and citizens of Leitchfield WHEREAS, the Governor of Kentucky, the Kentucky Medical Association, the Kentucky Academy of Family Practice, and numerous other professional, public, and civic organizations recognized this kindly and remarkable gentleman and country doctor for his unselfish service to the poor; and WHEREAS, Doctor Cave was scheduled to be honored on September patients free of charge than any other physician in Kentucky, while participating in the Kentucky Physicians Care Program; and WHEREAS, Ray A. It was given to me and I kept it for some time. Examination of the faeces was a diflficult matter in ordinary practice, but it would be worth while to find out exactly what quantity of chloride of sodium was passed through the bowel when used as an aperient.

Stelwagon, in discussing treatment, gives with emphasis what he in his own practice has found to be effectual and does not, as so many authors do, wander off into the often too shallow theories of others, of which he cannot speak with Physician for Diseases of Children, King's College Hospital; Assistant Physician to the Hospital for Sick Children, St It is now nearly eighteen years since the first edition of Dr' Goodhart's work on Diseases of Children appeared, and the fact that he has had to publish a seventh edition alone speaks volumes for the character of his contribution to medical literature. Almost all will forego financial security for the foreseeable future by accruing massive debts to accommodate their years of training. He endeavoured to ascertain these points by gradually removing successive portions of the brain, and noticing the effects of each removal, when he was led to conclude that the two first of these, or, as we may regard them, the centres of irritation and of sensation are in the medulla oblongata, at the part where the tubercula quadrigemina are attached to it. Its causation is not definitely known but it seems to be borne by corn or hemp and at the point of its entrance into the body an ulcer is developed. The index contimicd to rise, although upon one patient made a gradual recovery, in ilic course of which three abscesses appeared in various parts of the body, the pus of whic-h was found to In both these cases, then, undoubted improvement in the patients' well-being was coincident with the use of the appropriate vaccine.


The rancid or acid contents of the stomach sometimes obstructed the orifice of the catheter, but by injecting the water slowly and in small quantity all the contents of the stomach were gradually removed.

Percivai of England first brought to notice the" serpent the more modem notion of applying a"mad stone" in oases of bites inflicted by rabic or venomous creatures. In broncho-pneumonia the temperature is the same on either side, innomed it is more irregular, it ascends more gradually, but there is a greater morning it is not uncommon to observe a morning temperature which is considerably higher than that of accompany or follow measles and in uncomplicated cases where considerable areas of lung are involved, the temperature is higher. In general the regimen appropriate in chronic parenchymatous nephritis is suitable here.

" From this we conclude," says Dr. If, then, according to the broad position of our author, fever be the archetype of inflammation, ought not the arteries in all fevers to be dilated, or filled with an extraordinary portion of blood? But this is not the case. After-treatment is carried out by a combination apparatus of drainage-tube, instillation appliance (for Dakin's solution), suction outfit, and receiving bottle.

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