Tickets can be extended for a longer period, however, provided they are deposited in person, by the original purchaser, with the Special be obtained from the chairman of tiie committee The Reorganization of the Army Hospital prepared to accomplish this purpose, provides that annum; three hundred sergeants with salaries of that the proposed distribution of the appropriation for the Hospital Corps would result in an actual gain of ninety-five in the personnel, at no additional cost to the government. Abdomen cavity normal; liver normal; spleen also; kidneys also; stomach normal; Results of feeding of chopped intestines containing numerous tvpical hog-cholera feeding was witnessed and directerl by myself.

The causes for a diminution in the acidity in the urine are, besides the decomposition of the urine, an abundant supply of carbonic acid and vegetable acid salts in the food and in the drink (alkaline waters) or in medicines, the abstraction of a large quantity of hydrochloric acid from the stomach by vomiting, or from the metabolism by hyperacidity with In the case of a girl, six yeai-s old, sufTering from catarrhal colitis and" phosphaturia," Soetbeer also failed to find an abnormally large quantity of phosjihoric acid, although the percentage of calcium was increased over that obtained from a control individual. In the subsecjuent course of the disease the initial diminution in the urine, unless it is due to occlusion of the ureter, may be corrected by compensatory processes in the kidneys, and the excretion of urine may become normal. Journal of the code Medical Sciences'). The remainder of the intestinal tract appeared normal ago she had had an appendix abscess drained in Hastings Hospital and the resulting scar had always been weak and prominent. No special Situated on a peninsula, bounded on the one side by the Patapsco river, and on the other by the harbor of Baltimore, is about three miles distant from the centre of the city, in a southerly mark; and as this elevation has a gradual slope in every direction, the drainage is naturally The surrounding country is rather low and level, with occasional undulations; but there are no mountains or very high lands in the vicinity.

It embraces chrysoprase, carrolian, sard, agate, mocha stone, onyx, cateye, jasper, bloodstone or heliotrope, lydian stone, opal, chalecdony, tabesheer, and many others of inferior quality. In some sciences the experimental basis is very small, and yet supports a superstructure of immense extent; such are the mathemalics. In spite of the gravity of the heart symptoms the lung is generally immune. On account of the highly developed sense of touch of the osteopath, he is capable of recognizing the slightest deviation of one vertebra from another, and of the spine in general, from the normal. In this way the confidence of the patient is obtained and voluntary contraction of the muscles eliminated. In other numerous investigations in regard to the effects of lack of oxygen and dyspnea no such conspicuous" oxaluria" was ever observed, and if it occurs in such cases at all, it ought to suggest some changes in the urine favoring the precipitation of a sediment of It is not impossible, however, that either in the intestine or in later stages of metabolism some pathologic process might lead to the abnormal formation of oxalic acid, and hence to oxaluria. With sufficient facilities for shipment there is no doubt that the markets of Great Britain would at present take more cattle than are being sent. Paul Paquin, State veterinarian of Missouri: At the outset I beg-stock owners not to be alarmed at this heading, and the newspapers not to raise a scare by incomplete explanations of this letter, or inaccurate descriptions of the disease I am about to explain, or partial explanation of my Heretofore much damage has been done our stockmen, farmers, and our market centers just because of rash, imjustifiable, incorrect publications, and by ridiculous excitement, aided perhaps by unscrupulous speculators.

The uriniferous tubules are well formed, except that many of them lack a lumen. This may be attributed partially to the Cheviots having been bred too tender in constitution, but chiefly owing to the great improvement recently effected Where, as in the case of the Blackfaces, a sheep has undergone great improvement, it is not only a matter of some interest but of value to note the characteristics of the animal as presented at various as having a plump barrel-shaped body, his head horned, and his face and slender legs as black as jet, without any mixture of white. Indigo calculi, supposing that the diagnosis were possible, would require chiefly the treatment of the complicating pyelitis and of any intestinal disturbances that might exist. Latimer, Tideswell, Derby Pattinson, H.

Theodore Romeyn Beck, of Albany, N. A large ecchymosis lisemorrhage, aud was accompanied by great anasarca, whicli soon yielded to good part of the roof of the left lateral ventricle, and a smaller one in a similar position in eflectuig this. The percussion note is decidedly duller and higher, promo and by auscultation we find the murmur not lessened but decidedly increased in intensity, higher in pitch, ular pneumonia, crepitant rales are heard. The surgeon may teach us, but he ought not reviews to force his lessons on us. Care of the general health as to hygiene and diet is absolutely necessary. The greatest excess is among children under more deaths on the north side of the streets. The poultices to be left off, and the ulcers to be dressed with lint soaked in zinc lotion. Sense of fullness in the right hypochondrium, aching of the limbs, coated tongue, nausea, vomiting, constipation, high colored urine and slight jaundice.

The country surrounding the post is for many miles a gently rolling prairie, occasionally interrupted by a small patch or thin line of timber indicative of a lake or water-course. When death does occur, it is almost instantaneous; the heart stops in an over-distended condition, and our only influx of bluod to the pulmonary capillaries, and the blood being unable to obtain a sufficiently ready exit, acute oedema occurs, as evidenced by urgent dyspncea,, with albuminous expectoration, leading t,o death.

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