Parkin on the Remote Cause of Epidemic Diseases. A recent long poem is titled"Urhoro: Going in Cycles." In it I reflect not only on my personal condition and the impact of bloodkins (daughter and father) on me but also on the human condition and the ironies involved: I who side-slipped every ambush on the road thrown into a rioting mass of currents. The writers have noticed, dui lug such studies that where:i catheter or cannula Is nwn into the bladder, reflex albuminuria results.

For ages the growth and death of these plants left a residue which packed down into layers that we are pleased to call"coalmeasures." But these dead heaps of vegetation needed more elaboration before they were fit for man's use. He had seen a case in which the passing of the catheter showed a marked obstruction at the pylorus and there were also clinical symptoms. With not a foot of land at its command on which to erect suitable buildings and accommodations, and Hmited to a few old hulks for the reception of the sick and well of all infected vessels, often driven to the necessity of confining both classes on board the same ship, with no conveniences for classification or disinfection, it is by no means strange that the disease should overleap such feeble barriers, and the utmost vigilance be baffled and defeated. The monograph of reviews Lyman is one of the most complete productions of the kind which we have chanced to meet. Both the distance and duration of the journeys back and forth led to age and sex discrimination. In some places it is scarcely perceptible between those parts of opposite surfaces which are naturally very nearly or altogether in contact with each other, the agglutinating medium being there so remarkably thin; whilst those parts that are further separated in their natural state, have the interstices filled up by a copious exudation. Can be aroused by supraorbital pressure unless Pupils normal or somewhat dilated. Election as with members of College are to be entrusted to the council, which is to have the power to fine, suspend, and expel oflending fellows. This is probably due to the restorative action on the pancreas caused by the reinforcement of digestion and the removal, in part or altogether, of the pancreatic disability which is reflected not alone upon its external but also on its internal secretion. Accommodations even here in Massachusetts are now so few, that it often takes two months or more after acceptance, before a patient can get in, during which time he is apt to After a so-called good case has been under treatment for a comparatively short time, he often looks rosy and plump and apparently well. Thus, for example, the use of the waters of Bareges having been recommended, and having taken the fancy of ihe king himself, four persons with fistula were sent to Bareges, under the charge of Gervais, surgeon of La Charite, who had a great reputation in the cure of tumors. These children are said" to work during the fits," and their frail organizations cannot stand the hard labor which a long continuance and recurrence of the attacks demands.

French's demonstration he questioned if this were Dossible with this table, and if not that he would still prefer to use their own more primitive equipment of an ordinary chair.

As you will note there were twice the number dying from so-called simple meningitis as from diphtheria and croup, and nearly half this period was before the use of anti-toxin, when diphtheria was extremely fatal; over seven limes the number of deaths from meningitis as from scarlel Eever; and about one-third as many a little less in proportion to the population than in tie- cities of the state.

This is accounted for by the deficiency of the supply of water, not a single house, except the hotels, having a water-closet: Disclaims any attempt at a full account of dyspepsia, and professes only to submit, for the consideration of his readers, some suggestions intended to aid in the ratioiuil study of the malady, with the view to the settlemeiit of the true principles of its pathology and treatment, yet the entire lecture on dyspepsia presents a closer and better account of indigestion than can be met with elsewhere. The operation was attended with the coupon loss of but little blood, and with the advent of but little shock.

In cholera, as every one knows, the vital forces are depressed and prostrated; but after collapse is followed by reaction, then they exhibit greater or less excitement, so that in difierent stages of the malady we may have depression, even almost annihilation, of function, followed by increase of functional activity; but, in either condition, no one can deny there is disease and diseased action present.

Furred tongue, retained excretions, and congestion of the chylopoietic viscera, postpone its use till those symptoms have been relieved. One chart showed the normal growth on a single protein, such as casein, destin, the albumin of the white of an egg, glutinin from meat, etc. Bryant, portions of the residuary estate, the value of which has not been stated, are to go to the Norwich, N. It is not often that a surgeon thus lives to centenarian Germany indicate that there are at present in preponderates in the Balkan region, and is at a minimum in the Scandinavian countries. Es zeigt sieh hier Matani als ein scharfer Beobachter, ein erfahrener Klinikus und ein gewissenhafter Patholog- Anatom.

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