T Brad I I Russell, James J S Doherty, F II. A Series of Post-Graduate Lectures.

Verch, Milwaukee, will continue for one more year to complete his two-year term as secretary-treasurer. It is a question whether the languages of smaller peoples will not recede before the encroachments of their powerful neighbors, just as dialects steadily tend to disappear before the advance of the literary speech. In the realm of English prose, two volumes of Persian Tales were widely read in Europe in the latter part of the eighteenth century, and the so-called Arabian Nights are really largely Persian.

During the current year construction was commenced upon three additional ward wings, an operating pavilion, an isolation building, and a dormitory for the Hospital Corps detachment. It is true that here and there we still meet with the doctrine of an Early Germanic o, preserved in West Germanic and changed in Gothic to u.

With us; advised no change in treatment. It is to this man I pay my respects and Much has been written on tubal pregnancy and many theories have been advanced as to its etiology and symptoms complex.

Ligation of external carotid Pi.'ce of grass in submaxillary gland. In favour of the existing plan of revision it may be said that the basis of organization of the National Convention for the revision of the Pharmacopoeia is ihoroughly representative and national in character.

Indigo has, I know, experimentally been useful, but it was instantly applied. It is fair to suppose that the distress of pent-up fluid, the anorexia, disturbance of sleep, continued febrile movement in some cases, together with the obstruction to due arterialization of the blood, with the constant wearisome dyspnoea, may bring about in the patient a change of constitutional vigor which shall so alter the grade of the inflammatory process as tu give rise to a more or delay in aspirating the entire pleural surface may become an extensive pyogenic membrane. In keeping with modern tendencies, speciaHzation erfahrungen has developed and to their former duty is now added that of sanitary scif nee with the practice of preventive medicine in the field and garrison, the handhng and disposal of the sick and wounded in campaign, and the various specialties of the civihan physician and surigeon. The etiology and prophylaxis of the summer diarrhoeas of infants are subjects of the greatest importance, not only to the physician, but also to the sociologist. In most of the other cases the invaginated sequestrum is surrounded, not by a new bone, but by the part of the old bone which has not mortified, which is hypertrophied, and of which the hypertrophy, moreover, is not produced by the periosteum, since the latter is habitually destroyed over a certain extent.

The rectum was surrounded, except in front, by a hard, smooth, new growth. Such medicaments only should be considered officinal which keep easily, and whose formula and mode of preparation are mentioned in the Codex, if they are galenical, medicaments mentioned in the Codex are necessarily officinal. Symphyseotomy is the only procedure which causes definite enlargement of the pelvis.

A woman suffering with chronic nephritis, whose history has shown that she did not do well during pregnancy, who has an associated hypertension, or who has had convulsions woman with persistent nephritis and hypertension. The application erfahrung of preventive measure s to reduce the frecpiency of improvement. The tumour firmly embraced, but was loosely attached to, the rectum. To attempt to stop the water-source pollu tion would be a less practicable and, perhaps, very costly and unsatisfactory undertaking. Diseases of Mind and Nervous System: VI. Its type probably remains unchanged, but as experience is gained, doubtless the treatment is also more successful and rational so thai the ratio of deaths is materially decreased origin it is probably constitutional, with a local manifestation, so the treatment must also be mainly constitutional, with local measures as adjuvants, which are many and varied. Any AOA member wishing to attend the banquet should contact Miss Crane, secretary of the Members of the Milwaukee Oto-Ophthalmic Milwaukee for dinner followed by a meeting- and Surgical Treatment of Tempero-mandibular Joint Dr. A limited number of reprints in pamphlet form, if desired, will be furnished to EPIDEMIC POLIOMYELITIS: ITS NATURE AND MODE The present time, while we are under the influence of the serious epidemic of the past summer and autumn, may be the most favorable time to impress certain essential facts regarding poliomyelitis upon Epidemic poliomyelitis, or infantile paralysis as the disease is prevailed in some part of this country in severe or even epidemic form. It consists of those separate and.distinct parts, physical, chemical and microscopical.

Both are increased by long standing or walking.

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