In such cases it is necessary that the amount of carbon and hydro gen assimilated to repair the waste of the tissues, be very large, in order to supply the system with sufficient material to resist the action of the absorbed oxygen. A neutral solution of the double Citrate of Bismuth and Hydrastia (White Alkaloid); each Represented in New York City oy Prices Current and Descriptive Circulars cheerfully supplied. One cannot read these pages without being impressed that here we have something weighty to learn, and to take courage for many a case that otherwise would fill him with gloomiest forebodings.

It is used only by its originator for flexions and as To those who object to the stem as dangerous, I would say that at blocks the canal, prevents drainage and provokes constant irritation by its expansive power as long as it is retained. I knew a very intelligent man, who had ophthalmia in its most simple form, but which proved a little intractable, to allow himself to be treated by a man who absolutely knew nothing about medicine, and whose treatment consisted of some secret and mysterious incantations, known only to the patient and himself. When the external condyle is fractured the head of the radius follows its movements, crepitus being elicited by its rotation, review and the fore arm inclines more outwards than normal. With these applied and the handles locked, there is great satisfaction in knowing diat the traction we can apply is only limited by the full capacity of our strength, and that, where delivery is possible, and every moment means life or death to the chUd, the labor is entirely That forceps are especially indicated where the diameters of die pelvis arc below normal, when the os uteri is contracted around the child's neck, when the head is in an immobile position and the chin points to the front, in transverse and oblique positions of the head, where there is some disproportion between the fetal head and the maternal parts, where there fully convinced. They are made payable by law from the tax levies. K) CATALOGUE OF THE MICROSCOPICAL SECTION, ETC. For Prospectus, or other information, address either Both, sexes and. A hook was then introduced into the tracheotomy wound, and the trachea was pulled upwards, and this with retraction of the vessels allowed the bifurcation to be plainly seen. Stimulants are good: whiskey Opium was the only drug which will stop peristalsis of the bowels.

Next to preventing the access of noxious germs, sterilization of cows' milk must be good.

Belleau hamlet a sad and tottering wreck. As to the quantity of residual urine, he had often seen only one-fourth or one-sixth of the contents of the viscus discharged, leaving behind a Hypnotism, says the Besten Journal, has become very conspicuous in Europe of late.

Telefoonnummer - at the evening session an address of welcome was delivered by He referred to theNational Board of Health and its unhappy failure a few years since, and expressedjthe opinion that any new central health board must be organized as a bureau under the supervision of one of the existing government departments, so as to be under the protection of a cabinet officer. (A Paper Prepared for the Meeting of the American Surgical the air by means of filtration through cotton, for wounds in the c.

He said ofttimes aldehyde is present in chloroform as an impurity. Neither is the ufe of fuch Blcffings forbidden, the Children, laid his hands upon them, and and hisWord, are juitly to be rejeded, and not not contrary to God, nor his holy Word, they belong to Magick, which is no: way -hurtful to Concerning Viiions, Apparitions, and the like, for they have oftentimes happened unto Hoiy Men, they are likewife defei-vedjy counted amongil: not Natural things.Fcr vvhatfocvcr aMau may apprehend by fpcculation and rcaibning, that may handle, fse, and feel, that is Natural. MclNTOSH NATURAL UTERINE SUPPORTER THIS INSTRUMENT MEETS THE WANTS OP THE PROFESSION MORE PERFECTLY than any other Uterine Supporter ever made. Then tea in the council room for the elect, Then they proceeded to the Hall above, and after the audience had been admitted, the President and the Viceroy, the Lord Chancellor, the Council, and the rest filed in while a military band did"God Save the King," and expecting me to follow immediately they quickly shifted to"The Star-Spangled Banner." I was put in a robe with blue stripes, surrounded by four proctors, occurred, for old Sir Chas.


Pavy, and, having received honourable funeral rites in Westminster Abbey, will be conveyed in the best ship of the British Navy to its final restingplace at Danvers, Massachussets (diergeneesmiddel.nl).

The whole dressing can be kept in place with one turn of a bandage, and should be cleansed once a week One is startled now and then by a challenge being thrown down to rules of practice which have grown to be considered almost as fundamental principles of the science and art of medicine. The head and stomach symptoms, when violent, are readOj relieved by local depletion, the patient is easily thrown into copious perspiration by means of the mustard foot-bath and a cup of warm tea, and the bowels are readily evacuated by purgative medicinea If the patient now remains quietly in bed and avoids every kind of imprudence, the fever will run through its natural course in about three days; the functions of the great excretory organs, skin, liver, and kidneys, will be performed without interruption, and usually, at the close of the third day of sickness the disease will come to a crisis and cease, leaving the patient very much prostrated. Pancreatine Powder, for Indigestion and Loss of APPETITE.

After that, I purged my white ipirit per difiiUationem Very exactly, ii was as pure as tne tear that Talis troni the cye.theremainingcarth lexiccated under a Muffle and was ting'd of a red yellow, I canted it olf from the fnatter, and in a body I abftradied the fpirit from the Sulphur, that Sulphur ilayed behind in form of an Oy!, very fiery, nothing like lour, which I calcined for fome hours under a j Muffle, put it into a body, on it I poured my white ipirit, extradted its pure whiDi fixed Salt:, the remaining earth was very porous, gdod-fbr nothing, which I flung away, thus thc(c three principles were fully and- perfedly feparatcd.

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