We find a friction sound over the whole of the left lung.

After am indebted to him for the privilege of operating obstetrical residents to the Philadelphia Hospital, for assisting me in the operation, and the careful PREPARATION AND AFTER TREATMENT OF THE PATIENT; THE BERKSHIRE STREET RAILROADS; LECTURER ON SURGICAL TECHNICS, ALBANY MEDICAL COLLEGE; EX -ASSISTANT.

Here we see the influence of atropia over the organic and inorganic systems of nerves as plainly as in that over the salivary secretion. To brain-workers of all classes, Hydrated Oil is invaluable, supplying as it does the true brain food. The reason of this inexactness is that the affected area is not often accurately marked out, the patient's statements as to its locality being taken as trustworthy; and also that care is not taken to distinguish between the itching resulting from the pruritus proper and that which follows irritation of the parts from scratchin".

In the almost infinitesimal doses of calomel and"James's Powder" as a wonderful febrifuge agent in the treatment of children's diseases he also had the utmost belief. This must also have a cement floor, with drainage to a gully in the outer wall. According to McMurrich, the descent of the ovary is due to the slower growth of the inguinal ligament as compared with the abdominal wall, which must lead coupon one to suppose that ovarian hernia is due to a retarded development of this band. It possesses tonic, diuretic and diaphoretic properties, and is a mild aperient. He may begin with poetry, and afterwards, as reading improves, he may take to prose. Practice, with very great satisfaction. The prognosis of distoma hepaticum is absolutely fatal and the treatment is merely palliative.

The discussion, from a diagnostic point of view, of individual symptoms.

There was the flank was incised in two places and wicks drawn through. This effect renders its therapeutic uses of very great importance. Code - a recent study showed that the shortage of dentists is more acute than the shortage of physicians, in all but the most heavily populated parts of Iowa. Finally he became utterly unable to swallow anything.

It is not my purpose, in this paper, to advance, dogmatically, any theory; but starting from the above proposition, to call the attention of the members of this Society to a theory that has been advanced, that has about it as much of the air of probability as any that I have seen, in order to elicit observation that may verify or disprove its correctness. The head and limbs are thrown about by more or less violent clonic muscular spasms, and at times a condition of opisthotonos or other trunkal contortion (emprosthotonos, pleurosthotonos) may be noticed; these muscular movements, however, are more or less volitional, and are not the aimless movements of the true epileptic.

Every enlargement of a neck gland due to chronic inflammation is probably tuberculous, and should be removed.

We contend, however, that the article of death deserves serious consideration from the physician, for other reasons than those which generally give it importance, and it is a question of deep concern, whether an injudicious presentment of the subject may not counteract the most energetic therapeutic agents, and a judicious one become itself a most important means of cure. The seventh division, efl?ects of certain drugs and corrosive substances, the nature of the poisonous substance, its effects, and the treatment being described in great detail. The occurrence of Xeuritis in the Ulnar jSTerve was well exemplified in a case of the Paralytic variety seen by me, for the first time, in little fingers, and very slight but perceptible wasting in tlie muscles throw the whole process into disorder, by impairing a link in the chain of co-ordination. In the latter situation the emigrated leucocytes are known as" salivary corpuscles." Stohr that in the conjunctiva, nasal mucous membrane, urinary bladder, small intestine, and, in short, wherever an accumulation of leucocytes underlies epithelium, the same emigration takes place.

With respect to"scraping" he had no personal experience to offer, but he had seen Dr.

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