A fractured femur, for instance, if properly placed in a double-inclined plane will be found of the normal length, and can There is no test so sure and true of proper dressing in fractures as absence of pain ( This, the first rectifier to replace so pleased with his apparatus that he told his medical associates, and without any advertising to speak of the demand grew. It is seen more often in women than in men, giving rise, when located in nerves distributed to the mammary glands, to the so-called points are to be regarded as neuralgic in character. They should be changed at least once daily: // I would have the gentleman to know that it was at a private hospital, the Samaritan Hospital of London, where Sir Spencer Wells did his most important work in abdominal surgery (practically a erfahrungen private hospital). In every case cathartics were given early, and the uterus was emptied of its contents as speedily as possible, yet no favorable change occurred until the blood-letting had been practised. There are many instances of a leper and non-leper living as man and wife without the healthy one contracting the disease. In the last few years particularly, untiring workers along this line, seeking to increase safety by increasing knowledge, have brought to light so many facts bearing on toxicity and physiological and pathological effects that we must needs pause and take notice.

The section was formed to establish an ongoing presence for young physicians throughout all levels of organized medicine to foster awareness of the unique needs and concerns of young physicians and to ensure continuing opportunities to address such needs and concerns. Https - intestinal antisepsis is difficult to produce. He believes that the cockroach can and may play a part in the dissemination of tuberculosis and perhaps of other diseases.

Headache and aching in the back and limbs are frequent, as are also loss of appetite, furred tongue, constipation and other evidences of gastrointestinal disturbance. The writer extols this simple remedy, which has given results in In severe and obstinate cases the question of surgical interference may arise, the usual resources being nerve-stretching and excision of a portion of the nerve-trunk or of its ganglion.


The knowledge of the morphology and biology of these parasites is still largely undetermined, even in the case of the best known sporozoa of comparative pathology. - i use this herb a good deal, and find it an excellent herb, and I think it too little used by people generally. In addition to the gauze I placed a metallic drainage tube well down into the pocket ( When an animal recovers from inoculation with an insufficient quantity of germs or from poisoning with a non-fatal dose of the cholera- toxin it is found less susceptible to subsequent inoculations ( Men sufifer more frequently and more severely than women. " The Eraser River, with its' terrific' canyons, widens out at last, a wonderful picture, with the magnificent stream keeping its course to the ocean with majestic calm, between mountains clothed now to their summits with firs. Her physician diag-nosed the case, but he was displaced by one who diagnosed" colic." In ten days he was called on for a similar attack, and insisted on consultation. He had no tenderness on pressure over the kidneys,, although he complained of a feeling of fulness and tension on the right sida The right testicle was retracted, and at times he complained of slight adduction of the limb, took place. The authors insist on the importance of this success, as recurrent typhus has hitherto resisted every agent tried, methylene blue, trypanroth, quinine, and many arsenicals. If any of our readers are inclined to belive that there is a real science of physiognomy, they will like an article on the subject Among many good stories with a Christmas flavor in the December Ainslec's is The Lie. The urine was scanty; the blood pressure low, although tension due to arterial hardening in the radial artery gives the impression of actual quantity of urine, as the patient failed to keep it for measurement. As French is a rare accomplishment among us, a translation or a similar work in our language would, we are sure, be welcomed, as an aid in the study of the science for which the late Journal has published much of value. On incision into the left gastrocnemius a light brownish-red fluid escaped containing fragments of old blood-clots.

On this they had constructed a building, which covered the territory from Forty-second to Ninety-second Streets, from Sixth Avenue west to the North River, one of the largest ambulance districts in the city of New York.

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