Any person intending to visit that pleasant resort may find a great deal of useful information in the volume. "conspiracy of silence," call The Medical Society of "" Virginia's Physicians' Health and Effectiveness Committee.

Radbill, a brief study of interest to pediatrists and others interested in the early medical history of our In connection with the financial summary which follows, it is proper to recall the decrease in number of printed pages and a substantial increase in Annual Reports of the Sections The membership of the Section increased during Seven meetings of the Section were held, one of the meetings there were non-resident guest speakers; at all of the meetings except the one held jointly with the Philadelphia Urological Society presentations were made by members of The Section on Medical History remained inactive, but it is expected that its meetings will be resumed excused from payment because of his membership in the Armed Forces and the dues of one member remain to be paid, as do those of three new The meeting held in January was a joint one with the Philadelphia Roentgen Ray Society.

P)Oth of these cords happened to be bruised in being removed from subjects of that disease. Holland intended to do more than shuffle I must quote it. Saturday (this day), Medical Society of London", S p.m. So this method is certainly dangerous, and probably useless as well. Wilkins infection of persons convicted of sexual assault, certain crimes against morals and decency, and professionals to disclose to patients positive HIV test results and requires all patients to disclose positive test results to such health professionals. She went back into her bedroom, examined her dress, and found only two spots of blood on it. We now come to that particular form of disease termed an affection in which, when complete, there is an absolute loss of muscular power. Here there is no such regulating influence at work, and disputes once commenced continue. "When the wound is accompanied with crushing or contusion, leading to the fear of much inflammation, it should be exposed to a jet of cold the acute condition, and in various degrees, from congestion, with commencing ramollissement to the formation of pus, which is exceedingly rare. Some occupy themselves with music, some with painting, and some with photography, while a certain contingent study one or more of the many languages that are to be heard in the streets. The oval window also may be similarly affected, though it is not closed so frequently, except in the cases of ankylosis of the The middle ear cavity, including the mastoid cavity and the Eustachian tube, may be occupied by deposits of osseous and other masses; and the other boundaries of the middle ear and the walls of the mastoid may have undergone Nearly all these middle ear conditions are explicable as the result of inflammatory processes, catarrhal sometimes, but generally suppurative, and then of a peculiarly destructive ear, one can use only the method of post-mortem dissection, except in quite exceptional cases. Draw three drops of this solution into the syringe containing the strychnine solution.

I wondered if anyone had ever died from a backache, and she was sure that a large number of deaths occurred After a while sant we gave up and struggled back up the stairs to bed and to sleep. A verification of the judiciousness of this advice was often found in champion athletes, many of whom were temporarily impotent. Tripe sold in England has generally had a preliminary boiling. Continued increase of temperature indicates smaller doses at shorter intervals. Again, if the latter view be the correct one, theblood must also have come from the orifice of the urethra, as the wound in the perineum, as above stated, was closed by the result of inflammatory action. George's Hospital wliich I am treating not obtained (as, indeed, I hardly expected I should) any desirable result.

On the fourth day I had him lie down in my office, and taking a piece of felt from a white felt hat, I cut it into the shape of an X, making the arms of the letter long. Having incised the vaginal sheath along the lower margin of the testicle, strangulation was seen to have taken place at the hernial ring, which was situated opposite the external inguinal ring at a much lower point than usual. The cultures had been made in the usual way from the dejecta obtained from the nine cases of cholera recently observed in New York. Bladder cultures were taken in all tive. The other, robust and buxom, seems a chronic maniac, interrupted by periodic relapses into ephemeral sanity.

Most of the sagacity of the average person is innate or intuitive knowledge, and not the fruit of logic.

But he lays stress on the fact that a papilloma of the ovary may be benign and yet present the gross appearances of malignancy at the operation, and so every effort should be made to remove the growth, even though it is thought to be In examining the reports of any series of operations for papilloma of the ovaries, it will be found that there are many cases in which the primary growth is removed, but contact growths on the peritoneum have been left, and that these cases have recovered and had no recurrences.

Both the distribution and structure of the lesions may be so much altered that the bruised part has It will also be shown later that bruises of the normal cord may produce appearances simulating sclerotic patches or other spinal lesions, and, inasmuch as the whole subject is misunderstood, these have very likely been described or considered as due to pathological processes instead of the When the bruised cord is examined microscopically, some time after the autopsy, by a different observer knowing nothing about the autopsy accidents, the disposition is natural enough, at first glance, to regard the changes as preformed malformations, and it is fair to suppose that some of the published cases have come about in this After all that has been said, however, about the production of these bruises by technical methods, when looked at practically, although the minor contusions occur with tolerable frequency (once in seven to ten cases), the grosser dis- j tortious are very rarely produced. In the earlier periods of life, the proportion THE MEETING OF THE BEITISH ASSOCIATION.

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