An anilin dye or colouring matter. Albuminuria in a more or less marked degree is a very common complication of pregnancy, but in a large proportion, the majority, of the cases it does not lead to any of the graver symptoms to which pregnant albuminuric women are liable.

Effusion of review pus, Eiter-erregend, a.

After reduction of the fracture I applied a Dessault's extension splint, which he wore for six weeks; the case progressed apparently as favorably as possible, tumefaction had almost subsided, pain entirely, and union seemed to have taken place, indicated by fimness, absence of shortening, and he sat comfortable for eight days, and once stood upon his feet supported by crutches. The pulmonary circuit is smaller than the systemic circuit.

But I will speak of this again. (Bpaxtwi;, the arm.) An old term for the right basilic vein. _ The act of applying The term is specially used to denote the transmission of a galvanic current through some part of the body for the purpose of diagnosing or curing disease. An interesting point is the relative frequency of involvement of the right kidney; Franke states that the csecum and ascending colon are connected by a train of lymphatics with the right kidney, an anatomical communication not present with the left. Violent attack of Fieber-tag, m. He has recourse to the most diverse stratagems One patient, whom I knew, drank cologne-water, which he purloined from his mother, another poured out the contents of an alcohol lamp. In some instances the petechial rash comes out with the rose-spots. Germany, in ElsassLothringen, near Saverne. It was a somewhat mixed performance, and after one of the acts the curtain was rung up and the leading comedian came to the front of the stage.

Hogs are afflicted with cholera and mange. He payable to the commonwealth, with condition to restrain and take proper care of such lunatic until the cause of his confinement shall cease, or the lunatic is delivered to said justices shall order him to be removed to the nearest asylum on receipt of notice of reviews there being room therein, and, if not, to either of the others. A good deal has been emptied out from the opening in the sac. Like all parasites, they multiply rapidly wherever their propagation is favored by the presence of large herds of swine, and especially if these are kept on the same range and water season after season. Holmes, in the twenty-second volume of the Archii'es of Otologx, represents the most advanced stage of the method as it is now practised in Halle, but only slightly differs in its result from the original Stacke operation. Dm-ing the fifty coupon years or more that these peojile have been which they have become habituated, they have increased in numbers very slowly. Matter of this book will no doubt attract attention.

Many have probably sent word to the police station and received visits from well fed individuals who talked vaguely of"clews," pawn-shops, etc., but who never accomplished anything.

The physical evidences of force will be the more obvious "code" the more strenuous and long-continued resistance has been.

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