That which caused them to hesitate in making a diagnosis was the difficulty of harmonizing the sensory disturbances with the assumption of an absolutely unilateral lesion in the cord. To inject one of these cysts is to expose it to relapse, to inflammatory accidents, and to suppuration; and this is not the case Extirpation is as easy and sure as incision. Louis, and the State which was made the subject of comment in our columns some months ago, we now publish the following documents: meeting of the Board of Trustees of the American Medical College, of resolutions were offered and unanimously adopted: medical lectures in the Medical Department of the University of Virginia, upon which atteudance he claimed the privileges and rights of a second-course student, and asked to be admitted to the graduating class upon the attendance of one session in the American Medical College; and" WHiereas, The statements and papers submitted by said J. Syphilis and other diseases, he concludes, have no direct influence, since it is impossible that any one can have escaped some of the ultimate effects of a disease which was so prevalent in the The predisposing causes post of cancer, in all probability, are in the habits of the patients themselves. Beck, however, thinks that the reason atrophic changes do not occur is because children usually die in an early stage of the disease. A more thorough exploration, however, soon proves that this is an auctions error.

Ordered potass, iodide in ascending to statement of nurse, in his fits the patient works altogether with right side. The following varieties of cells occur in with many listing processes, and which may be regarded as the characteristic cell of the glioma. There has also been some fever here, which is not a necessary accompaniment of europe embolus. A cold perspiration came on, which listings continued some time, during which her bowels were moved. To the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the following statement of cases and deaths reported for Medical Corps of the United States Navy for the Week from the Casiine and ordered to the Culgoa. If at the very commencement, when only disturbances of digestion and an inclination to constipation exist, laxatives are promptly administered, the outbreak of the lead colic may be prevented. Wherein has the pa tient been subjected to any danger of infection that would for a moment weigh in the balance against those that would follow in the wake of the forcible introduction of the whole hand into the vagina, the rapid manual dilatation of the uterus, the turning and forcible extraction of the cliild, living or dead, and the consequent lacerations that must certainly attend such a procedure? I am firmly convinced that they are not to be compared; and the dangers which attend such forcible delivery per vias naturales are many times greater than would be that of sepsis supervening after such a metliod of Caesarean section. The patient has gained in weight, is absolutely free from lumbar and abdominal pain, and, except for the remembrance of the many months of suffering, seems only the stronger and more active for all the suffering she has endured.

Hyperacidity was rare and usually occurred in cases where general dilatation existed, and There were no characteristic changes in the blood those of gastric motor insufficiency, and were of a mild grade in cases of primary ptosis, but more severe where general dilatation existed. It can be shortened sufficiently to fit the back of a child of eighteen months or lengthened to fit the longest back of an adult. Such a "" decoction has proved very efficacious; it produced the complete resorption of the tubercles in the first stage of consumption, and afforded great relief of their distressing condition to those further advanced.

One-half was injected into the breast of a pigeon, which fell in G swelling was solid and not large, nor did it afterward slough or suppurate. In judging a case positive or negative the intracellular reaction alone has been considered. In every case a first heart sound can be heard during the intermission. To the latter belong reflexes which have a gastro-intestinal, sexual, ocular, or dental origin, illustrations of each of which could be given did time and space permit. " Soft chirurgians," he used to say," make foul sores." He recommends the reviews surgeon to have a gladsome countenance, so as to reassure the patient. The chief result of training is hypertrophy. It had been particularly valuable when used in the ear in the form of a spray.

Personally, I doubt the contagiousness of carcinoma.

It is also well known how numerous are the offspring among the poor, in the unhealthy, over-populated manufacturing districts, whose inhabitants are generally ill fed (glassdoor).

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